How to manage your practice and win more patients?! (Patient Relations)

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How to manage your practice and win more patients?! (Patient Relations)

International Conference on Aesthetic Medicine & Cosmetology

May 21-22, 2018 Singapore

Mahran Ashour

Med Art Clinics, UAE

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Abstract :

Introduction: Wowing the patients (medicallyâ??non-medically) builds the organizationâ??s reputation and overall brand including your name. Most of your employees will not always understand this; therefore, it is imperative that you or your management challenges employees and coaches them to a level beyond what theyâ??re willing to do and beyond what others doing! Methods: It is imperative that employees have the proper attitudes as well as the capacity to act. Itâ??s one thing to be willing to offer great patient relation, however willingness means nothing without action. Employees need to be encouraged to take matters into their own hands and impress clients. Results: If you can prevent 5% of your customers from leaving you can increase your bottom line profit by 25â??95%-Harvard Business Review-90 % of machine manufacturers said to defend against low cost competitors a greater percentage of their revenues must come from services; therefore, the way they service their clients is critical to their long-term success - Industry Week Conclusion: There are so many factors for a successful health practice, and the most important one is, if you are a business owner or you care about the place you work right now, you should consider, how to deal with your client in a way to make them come back to your practice and trust you as a doctor!

Biography :

MAHRAN ASHOUR is a healthcare management consultant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mahran has a rich and varied background in the operational and business aspects of healthcare operations and management. He has demonstrated success in the health care field as both a manager and consultant for over 11 years.  In that time, he has worked in single and multi-specialty practices, aesthetic & cosmetics, primary care, surgical groups and academic medical centers.  he has lead with a very hands-on approach to the daily operations of these organizations and has developed proven strategies in the management of start-up, business planning, insurance, billing, personnel, budgeting, marketing, contracting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and strategic planning.

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