How to generate more coaching clients through celebrity-level IG content

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How to generate more coaching clients through celebrity-level IG content

Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

April 10-11, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Chris Martinez and Eric Martinez

Dynamic Inner Circle, USA

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Abstract :

In this presentation we will be taking the attendees through a process we have come up with to acquire new coaching clients by delivering celebrity-level content that is purposeful, valuable, and shareable through Instagram to generate new leads, make more money, and retain clients. How and why you should create value based celebrity-level content to get your followers/audience so they can get to know, like, trust you which then will lead to new customers, referrals and retention. 4 touchpoint scripts on how to take the conversation from a DM to a consultation call. Understand the 6 neighborhoods of IG and how to maximize each one strategically through your personal brand and celebritylevel content. Why once you get a new client you must think “Retention” which will lead to referrals and increase the lifetime value of a customer. The difference between “Interactive Marketing vs Direct Marketing”. Actionable steps on how to create celebrity level content and bonus exercises for the attendees and gift. More importantly we want to show the attendees how to take a cold new follower, warm them up, and become a warm lead through multiple DM touch points to establish a know, like, trust relationship through creating celebrity level content to add intentional value and play the long game in business through social media and in particular Instagram.

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