Harness the difference that makes the difference: How to truly know that you know what you knowand#33;

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Harness the difference that makes the difference: How to truly know that you know what you know!

Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

April 10-11, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Paul Litwack

Get UNstuck NOW, Canada

Keynote: Bus Eco J

Abstract :

While our global entrepreneurship community includes some of the most difficult businesses to run. It can be very rewarding and profitable when you apply what serves you best. Good news: That’s the focus of this highly interactive closing keynote. Plan to combine what youÔ??ve learned from this summit while having fun applying the top mind/body performance strategies and tools on the planet. At the same time, while learning and growing your personal and professional skills to harness the difference that makes the difference. Starting right in this session and continuing to serve you best. That’s right!

And the best part: on top of all of that, while truly knowing that you know, that you know, what you know! Yes, that is a grammatically correct sentence! You know? This keynote introduces 7+ proven to Get UNstuck NOW! Coaching Breakthrough strategies for you to create the very environment the one that empowers you to stay focused on creating the improved experiences you desire for yourself and for those who matter to you. Oh, and did I mention “Ka-ching”! How soon will you desire to hear your significantly improved income now too?

Outline: If you (or your business/ team which might be you too): (a) Are too burnt out at the end of the day (to do what you want to do) (b) Are weary of achieving poor results (c) Are frustrated with transactional relationships, feeling alone (d) Have tried many things, but few seem to make a difference (e) Are constantly drained fighting daily chaos, stress, and conflict.

Biography :

Paul Litwack, since 1976, with solid experience from Back Room to Board Room on four continents, is a Business Leader, Executive Coach and Creator of the Get Unstuck NOW! Breakthrough coaching system-proven Quantum and Neuro Science-based performance improvement strategies. Board Certified as a Master Coach Trainer in NLP, Time Line Therapy & amp; hypnotherapy (launching an Institute to certify doctors), clients consistently confirm how he empowers them to create improved, measurable results: by first wiping out their energy-wasting, self-limiting beliefs and attached negative emotions. On-demand permanently!



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