Formulation and evaluation of soyabean hair oil for cellular hair maturation of epidermi

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Formulation and evaluation of soyabean hair oil for cellular hair maturation of epidermi

12th International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetic Dermatology and Hair Care

November 28-30, 2016 San Antonio, USA

Ch. Naga Navya

J.S.S college of pharmacy ,India

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Abstract :

Introduction Of Hair: Hair is the important part in the body, It gives beauty and attractiveness to the humanâ??s. Head portion of hair contain 1, 00,000-1, 20,000 hair. Hair growth is about 0.2mm per day. SOYA BEAN LITERATURE: Soya bean contain genusglycine, In early twentieth century soya bean called as â??GOLDEN BEANâ? (or) â??MIRACLE BEANâ?, The word American word soya was derived from Japanese word shoyu, Soya bean contain chemical constituents like carbohydrate, isoflavins, omega-3-fatty acid, vitamins, lecithin,9 essential amino acids. Mechanism of action: Hair follicle contain Lhx2 receptor and keratins which is a long protein chain that involve in hair formation, Soya bean contain amino acids which buildâ??s the proteins and lecithin, The amino acids and lecithin which present in soya bean oil help to restart the anagen phase in hair cycle by activating the Lhx2 receptor and keratin, By this mechanism of action hair growth start by preventing hair loss Experimental Method: Take dry seeds of soya beans and grind it as fine powder, Take 30 grams of powder in 50 ml of oil (40ml of 65%v/v mineral oil and 26%v/v vegetable oil and 10ml coconut oil.), Soak for 4 hours and boil it in water bath for 30 minâ??s, Filter the oil with help of muslin cloth Discusion Of Result: Discussion about IR Spectra interpretation and excipient interactions, According to IR analysis report; oil contain lecithin, proteins and amino acid . And it also revealed that there is no interaction between soya bean constituents and other ingredients. Discussion Of Evaluation Test: Oil contain pH-4.5 which is similar to skin pH so it does not show any adverse effect to the skin, Specific gravity of oil contain o.8 so oil contain low viscosity, Peroxide value of oil contain -1 so oil does not show any skin irritation to skin, Conclusion: The oil having soya bean extract has shown significant follicle growth and cellular hair maturation activity, Evaluation tests revealed a positive result for pH, Specific gravity, Peroxide value and unsaponifiable matter, Further optimization is required to improve Acid value and Saponification value.

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