Differential depth parameters of fractional CO2 laser for acne pits and scars in skin of color

Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology

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Differential depth parameters of fractional CO2 laser for acne pits and scars in skin of color

International Conference on Aesthetic Medicine & Cosmetology

May 21-22, 2018 Singapore

Uddhav A Patil

Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, India

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Abstract :

Collagen modulation and neocollagenesis by fractional CO2 laser is a well-established treatment modality for various types of scars such as traumatic, post burns, surgical, hypertrophic, as well as atrophic scars of acne along with the different types of acne pits. The side effect of post-treatment hyper pigmentation which was a common occurrence with continuous beam CO2 resurfacing has been largely reduced with fractionation of the beam but none the less it does exist, particularly in the skin of color i.e. skin types IV and V. The majority skin type of Indian population is type V with minority type VI and IV. Also, the severity of acne scars is greater due to socio-economic reasons, tropical climate as well as due to thick oily skin. As such fractional CO2 treatment needs to be delivered in an average of 6+ sessions to achieve satisfactory results. Giving higher energy at deeper skin level to achieve early results invariably leads to Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation (PIH). Also, we need to remember a fact that in an area say, cheeks, not everywhere collagen induction is required to same extent. In pits its requirement is maximum, on atrophic scars it is moderate while on normal skin it is minimum. With a long 17 years of experience in using various cosmetic lasers, we have developed a protocol with differential parameters for treating acne scars and pitted areas to achieve maximum benefit with bare minimum side effects.

Biography :

Uddhav A Patil is an MS and MCh qualified Plastic Surgeon having 28 years of experience in General Plastic Surgery, practicing cosmetic or aesthetic surgery for last 23 years and for last 8 years practicing cosmetic laser surgery. He has a fully equipped cosmetic laser center Lakshya Kiran Cosmetic Laser Center at Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

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