Creating a social business model for social enterprises focusing: A resource-based view

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Creating a social business model for social enterprises focusing: A resource-based view

Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

April 10-11, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Asmaa Alaa Elfiky


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Abstract :

The main purpose is generating a social business model for social enterprises, using its resources and capabilities, and creating a competitive advantage. In order to do this, this thesis will start with defining what is meant by entrepreneurship, enterprises, entrepreneur and the difference between social entrepreneurship, social enterprises, and characteristics of social entrepreneur. Then how to create value for these social enterprises and who are the target customers which the enterprise will use all its channels to reach them. The social enterprise will use all its resources and capabilities in an effective and efficient way to create a competitive advantage to the enterprise and reach the target customers. There should be enabling an environment for making the social enterprise successful, this environment mainly in how these enterprises will have funds and who should invest in these enterprises. Also, it is important for the social enterprise to have laws and regulations from the government supporting them. Finally, by integrating all the previous points, this thesis should have the main components of a business model.

Research Objective: Generating a sustainable and profitable social BM which can be used in different cultures, while using all their resources and capabilities and taking advantage of the enabling environment surrounded the enterprise. In order to explore opportunities or having growth for the venture or the enterprise, there are three main components are driven to it, and they are, (i) Social Entrepreneur Traits such as the characteristics and behavior of the entrepreneur as the main asset of any enterprise and the sources of ideas to the enterprise (ii) Enterprise Resources and Capabilities, such as the physical resources, human capital resources, organizational resources, power of networking, and financial resources. (iii) Enabling Environment for these Social Enterprises, such as government supports, investors, loans and earned income. All these will lead to creating innovative and creative social entrepreneur traits enterprise resources & capabilities enabling environment social business model exploring opportunities/ venture growth perceived desirability perceived feasibility cognitive emotions enablers business model which has social impact and financial sustainability, which maintain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA).

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