Conscious leadership for greater good

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Conscious leadership for greater good

Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

April 10-11, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Aaron Kahlow

Conscious Circles, USA

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Abstract :

Unlocking your inner power to create sustainable good in the world! A workshop to create and deepen the connection with your B-Corp community peers by working together to learn how to be a more conscious, values-aligned leader. As a collective, we will dive deep into the interdependent connection of our personal leadership to igniting collective action, thus creating a sustainable impact. A holistic approach for creating greater good in the world through increasing your own personal capacity of “Me” to build a stronger team of “We” and ultimately make the “World” a better place. In this highly interactive workshop we have been very intentional on providing the space for shared learning experiences, facilitated group connection exercises and intimate 1 on 1 opportunity to create a more immersive learning experience and a greater connection to your community of leaders. You’ll take these workshop tools into the next 2 days of Champions Retreat where we will discuss our individual and collective roles of interdependence. If you will be attending Champions Retreat for the first time, this is a unique opportunity to lay the foundation in order to make the most of your time at Champions Retreat. In this 3-hour workshop, we will focus on: (a) Insights into the fundamentals of becoming a more whole and conscious leader (b) Tools and insights of Interdependence to leverage when participating in group discussions at the Champions Retreat (c) Processes & Tools to create internal change in the workplace (d) Engaging experiential exercises to connect and learn from one anotherÔ??s journey (e) Shared learning circles with fellow leaders on what’s worked and pitfalls to avoid (f) A leadership framework to use to realize your full potential and that of your team.

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