Aluminum-α-hematite nanocomposite films for photo electrochemical applications

Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering

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Aluminum-α-hematite nanocomposite films for photo electrochemical applications


July 17-18, 2017 Chicago, USA

Hussein Alrobei and Manoj K Ram

University of South Florida, USA

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Material Sci Eng

Abstract :

The alpha (?±)â??hematite (Fe2O3) based photoelectrochemical (PEC) devices are attractive due to splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen, and it is has been studied extensively due to its bandgap, cost effectiveness, chemical stability and availability in nature. However, ?±â??Fe2O3 shows low carrier diffusion, higher resistivity, low electron mobility and higher photocorrosion. The mobility and carrier diffusion properties of ?±â??Fe2O3 can be improved by transition metal ion doping or making composite with metal oxide. So, attempt is made to make ?±â??Fe2O3 composite with aluminum (Al). Various ratios of Al with ?±-Fe2O3 composite nanomaterials were synthesized using a sol-gel method. The Al-?±-Fe2O3 nanomaterial was characterized using SEM, FTIR and UV-vis techniques and X-ray diffraction, techniques. The cyclic voltammetric study was performed in three electrode cell where Al-?±-Fe2O3 worked as working electrode coated on conducting FTO glass plate, steel as counter and Ag/AgCl as reference electrode to estimate the diffusion coefficient and understanding of electrode/electrolyte interface. The Al doping has shown changes in the structural, optical, morphological and electrochemical properties of Al-?± -Fe2O3 compared to pristine ?±-Fe2O3 photocatalyst. The photoelectrochemical properties of Al-?±-Fe2O3 based electrode has been understood through band diagrams. The photocurrent and band gap has clearly shown the improved hydrogen generation using Al-?±-Fe2O3 photocatalyst.

Biography :

Hussein Alrobei is a PhD student under the supervision of Manoj K Ram. He has background in the field of Photo Electrochemical, Advanced Materials, Polymers and Energy. He has been involved on photo electrochemical properties on various metal oxides, polymers and conducting polymers, and recently his patent on nano-hybrid structured regioregular polyhexylthiophene blend films for production of photo electrochemical energy has been approved.


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