A review of alcohol intake effects on the healthy and unhealthy skin

Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology

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A review of alcohol intake effects on the healthy and unhealthy skin

7th International confererence on Cosmetology & Beauty R&D & Expo

July 13-14, 2018 | Toronto, Canada

Mahdieh Bahrami

Yerevan State Medical University, Iran

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Cosmo Trichol

Abstract :

Background: In present study, researcher assayed the dermatologic literatures; 22 distinct articles including original, review articles & case report; concerning effects of alcohol abuse on skin health & diseases, furthermore reviewed the current sciences based on 4 different high grade dermatology books. Material: Researcher figured out 10 cases of each skin diseases & conditions pointed during 1 year then control changes of those with increase or decrease of intake in Alcohol. The level of skin condition was detected by special dermatological examination by the woods lamp. Finding: In survey conducted, the most important disadvantages created by alcohol abuse include dehydration & vessels fragility of skin & toxin accumulation in skin layers. In addition, it is observed the same effects in hair and nail growth. In dermatology diseases exacerbating, creating and treatment interaction is observed by Alcohol, furthermore has most impact on Psoriasis & Rosacea among controlled diseases. Conclusion: Recently, the association between alcohol intake and skin problems is rapidly under-review. As a result, researcher achieved to this fact that although in different researches, there is the medically permissible amount of alcohol beverages, but even with the least amount of alcohol, disadvantages noted above on the skin and also skin disorders can be seen.

Biography :

Mahdieh Bahrami has completed her General Physician at the age of 26 years from Kerman University Medical School in 2003 and post-graduation studies in Dermatovenorology specialty from Yerevan state Medical University in 2012. She took a main course in cosmetology field in Medic8 cosmetic center in Wigmore of London. She is the trainer of some skin surgery procedures and also invents new method in scar therapy. She has published 2 clinical trial papers, also investigated exclusively in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.



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