Industrial Engineering and its Sciences

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Commentary - (2021) Volume 10, Issue 7

Industrial Engineering and its Sciences

Tsai Hung Yin*
*Correspondence: Tsai Hung Yin, Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, Tel: [email protected],
Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan


Industrial engineering has been established since so many years ago over a century ago. In these particular industries no knowledge sharing, knowledge retention, knowledge sharing and experts in the particular field and other techniques all the work here is just the non-technical and this issue is coming across in last three decades.


Nanoparticles • Nano science • Nanotechnology


In this particular field industries industrial engineers work is to set a device of particular machines, materials, information, and some energy to make an output of the particular product. The industrial engineering involves in many industries like chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Food engineering, Environment engineering etc. But all the fields come under one path that is industrial engineering and the workflow is same and it will be varied with the products they were dealing with it. Some have a doubt about the particular field because of its paths but all can be ignored and can be the best career path for the particular person who is working in the industries. The industries follow different methods and principals to evaluate the results and values of the product which were discussed in the field and are carried through the engineering analysis. In this particular filed manpower plays a major role and there will be no unemployment problem and we can overcome the rate of unemployment. Industries are a combination of the people’s interest, knowledge, strength, techniques etc. The industries are specified as the science when the employees by production in order to adapt, produce, develop a product for the consumer’s market. The industries are also a field of material sciences which deals with the theoretical and experimental studies related to the design and discovery of the new material in the field of sciences. Material science is an essential part of forensic engineering and its failure which is used to check the functionality of the product weather it is functioning properly or not according to the function and intended. The material consists of its shape, weight, bass, width etc. this all will be calculated and been written in the mathematical format and the values were noted to check the product quantity and the quality. Material Sciences and Engineering is a branch considering the properties of materials and its fields to various areas of science and engineering it focuses on products applied physics and chemistry, also on chemical, mechanical, civil and etc. Material Sciences and Engineering includes the objects related to Ceramics Engineering, Composite Materials, Material Science Research, Composite materials, Nano engineering, Nanoparticles, Nano science, Nanotechnology, etc. all these products were designed and manufactured by the industries. the material sciences also deal with energy, Chemical engineering, Production Engineering, Food Engineering, Metallurgy, Electric Engineering etc. these were common between the material sciences and the industries sciences these plays a major role I there particular fields. We discussed about the industrial engineering and sciences in the field of material sciences and engineering this is all about the product and the material of the particular technology is designed in the international standards with the less consumption of the resources like water, power etc. which should not be wasted unnecessarily and should be maintained properly to overcome the disaster of the environment effects which we are already facing a problem with some of the industries.



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