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Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is a global bacteria B infectious disease. The cock and B. Paraphragm. The incidence of babies under 5 is most frequent except in cases of very effective infant immunization programs and adolescent shifts. Cough whispering is not just a disease of infancy. Routine mass vaccination in infants and children has decreased mortality and morbidity but has not eliminated B circulation in babies. Older children and adolescents can be a source of infection for neonates and young babies who are not yet completed. Two weeks after toxicity begins, bacteria are very difficult to isolate, which suggests that most of the symptoms are due to toxins that are emitted through the bacteria. It is dramatic for the children, but can be very severe for children and adults. Searching the B, Shokrollahi MR, Noorbakhsh S, Eizadi A, Monavari HR, Mousavi MJ et al. Cases with prolonged coarse (> 2 weeks) with non-vaccineated adult population: a cross-sectional study of pertussis (real-time PCR). Tehran, Iran. Tehran, Iran. Health 3: 202 Group Drug Wellbeing

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