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Automated medical procedures are kinds of surgeries that are finished utilizing mechanical frameworks. Mechanically helped medical procedure was created to attempt to conquer the confinements of prior negligibly intrusive surgeries and to improve the capacities of specialists performing open surgery. In the instance of mechanically helped insignificantly obtrusive medical procedure, rather than straightforwardly moving the instruments, the specialist utilizes one of two strategies to regulate the instruments. These incorporate utilizing a direct telemanipulator or through PC control. A telemanipulator is a remote controller that permits the specialist to play out the typical developments related with the medical procedure. The automated arms do those developments utilizing end-effectors and controllers to play out the genuine medical procedure. In PC controlled frameworks, the specialist utilizes a PC to control the mechanical arms and its end-effectors; however these frameworks can likewise still utilize telemanipulators for their information. One preferred position of utilizing the electronic strategy is that the specialist doesn't need to be available, prompting the opportunities for remote medical procedure.

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