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International Journal of Public Health and Safety

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General Health is an peer review journals, peer-looked into insightful diary that manages all parts of the science, theory and practice of general wellbeing. The point of the diary is to distribute generally complete and solid wellspring of data on the revelations and current advancements in the general wellbeing field so as to improve adequacy, viability and proficiency of general wellbeing intercessions to improve wellbeing results of populaces. The extent of this diary incorporates cleanliness, the study of disease transmission, wellbeing training, natural wellbeing, word related wellbeing, wellbeing approach, emergency clinic the board, wellbeing financial aspects, law and morals just as from the territory of new medicinal services fields including sociology, correspondence science. The diary thinks about articles on the study of disease transmission of wellbeing and infection, comprehension and advancement of all parts of general wellbeing. PHOA satisfied to acknowledge unique research papers, surveys and short correspondences, small scale audits, publications on all fields of Public wellbeing.

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