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Domestic Violence-Top Open Access Journals

Domestic violence-Top Open Access Journals are the peer investigated academic Journals of Sociology and Criminology. These give high caliber, fastidiously looked into and quick distribution, to provide food the obstinate need of academic network. These Journals are filed with every one of their references noted. These journals are indexed with all their citations noted. The top open access journals are indexed in MEDLINE, SCOPUS, PUBMED, CAS, COPERNICUS, EBSCO and ISI. Domestic violence is presently generally characterized extensively to incorporate "all demonstrations of physicalsexualmental or psychological or economic violence" that might be submitted by a relative or personal accomplice. This incorporates issues of worry to dark and minority ethnic (BME) people group, for example, purported 'respect based savagery', female genital mutilation (FGM) and constrained marriage.

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