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Meanings of general practice and family medication have would in general be hard to comprehend. We propose another definition that is brief and clear. General practice/family medication is characterized as the clinical strength that oversees normal and long haul ailments in kids and grown-ups, concentrating on by and large wellbeing and prosperity. The definition ought to be trailed by nearby instances of infections inside the extent of essential consideration, for example, asthma, diabetes just as end-of-life care. This definition depends on the idea of regular diseases, mirroring the truth that family doctors oversee most wellbeing conditions in a network. In contrast to 'thorough consideration', regular diseases is an extent of training that is natural and believable to laypersons. The new definition centers around a one of a kind and suffering characteristic of the forte: comprehensive consideration. This center quality of general practice incorporates understanding focused consideration and coherence over the family lifecycle. By being strongly engaged, the definition can manage the idea of clinical consideration all in all training just as the substance of undergrad and postgraduate preparing in family medication.

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