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Volume 10, Issue 2 (2020)

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 2

    Transcriptional Profiling of Stress Response or Slow Growth?

    Zhang X and Liu J

    DOI: 10.4172/2153-0769.1000e153

    Transcriptomic profiling analyses are frequently used for the study of cells in response to environmental stress factors that often impede cell optimal growth. Given that transcriptional profiles of optimally growing cells differ significantly from those of sub-optimally growing cells, stress-induced differentially-transcribed genes are thus inevitably mixed with slow growth genes. It is therefore necessary to separate the stress-specific response genes from slow growth genes. Methodologies used to deconvolute stress-specific response from non-specific response such as slow growth are discussed in this editorial.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 2

    Bioactive Metabolites of Actinomycetes–Screening from Genomic and Metabolomic Approach

    Roy S and Banerjee D

    DOI: 10.4172/2153-0769.1000e154

    The urgency for new and novel therapeutic agent has increased since last few decades by the serious advent of resistant pathogens and our lifestyle. The situation is becoming scary due to very less arrival of new antibiotics or other bioactive agents. Since past few years the concept of drug discovery has changed dramatically. Several modern strategies have adopted and by using different revolutionary tools and techniques and software based program it has now become easier to screen the potential strain as well as purify those highly demanding molecules. Few significant approaches that are being taken recent days to face the challenge, have discussed in this editorial.

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