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Flaws in Current Clinical Trial Design: Need for Intermediate Markers

Pharmaceutical Industry at the Post-Genomic Junction

Urinary Micrornas as Noninvasive Biomarkers for Acetaminophen- Induced Liver Injury

Structural Genomics-A Goldmine of Blueprints for Structure-Based Drug Design

Formidable Challenges in the Search for Biomarkers of Psychiatric Disorders

Exenatide and Pioglitazone Regulate Fatty Acid-Induced Gene Expression in Normal and Diabetic Human Islets

Enhanced Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Alkylating Agents into Prostate Cancer Cells Employing the Androgen Receptor as Delivery Vehicle

Pharmacogenomics of Alzheimer’s Disease

Probiotics Mediated Modulation of Gut-Flora Might Be a Biotherapeutical Approach for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Potential of Prebiotics and Probiotics to Enhance the Efficacy of HIV Vaccination: A Hypothesis

Repeatability of the Data in Long-Term LC-MS-Based Serum Metabolomic Studies

Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia - From Molecular Changes to High Effective Treatment

Determination of the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms C3435 and G2677T in MDR1 and C421A in BCRP in Blood Samples of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Healthy Controls in the Swiss Population

Biomarker Identification of Tear Fluid

The Effect of Smoke Combined with the Multicancer Marker, Rs6983267, Located at Region 3 of Chromosome 8q24 in Prostate Cancer Patients

Fast Processing of the Articles and User Friendly Websites: Significant Bases for the High Impact Factor of Journals in Open Access Publishers

Individualized Cancer Chemotherapy, Are We Ready for that Yet?

Fructose Drives Glucose via Direct Oxidation and Promotes Palmitate/ Oleate Co-Release from Hepg2 Cells: Relevance with the Randle Cycle

Metabolomic Identification in Cerebrospinal Fluid of the Effects of High Dietary Cholesterol in a Rabbit Model of Alzheimer's Disease

MicroRNAs as Biomarkers for Clinical Features of Lung Cancer

Categorizing Ion ?Features in Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Metobolomics Data

Further Developments in Systems Biology

C60 Fluorine Derivative as Novel Matrix for Small Molecule Analysis by MALDI-TOF MS

Role of the CM2 Protein in Influenza C Virus Replication: Analyses of Recombinant Viruses possessing CM2 Mutants

Automated Reconstruction of Metabolic Pathways of Homo Sapiens involved in the Functioning of GAD1 and GAD2 Genes based on Structural Grammars

Stress Responses to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV) Infection of Resistant and Susceptible Tomato Plants are Different

Immunoproteomics Approach for Development of Synthetic Peptide Vaccine from Thioredoxin Glutathione Reductase

Bioprospecting the Bibleome: Adding Evidence to Support the Inflammatory Basis of Cancer

Prediction of Major Histocompatibility Complex Binding Peptides and Epitopes from Fatty-Acid-Binding Protein of the Human Blood Fluke Schistosoma Japonicum

Antioxidants Prevention of Diabetic Damage in the Organ Culture Bovine Lenses

In Vitro and In Vivo Biotinylation of Endothelial Cell Surface Proteins in the Pursuit of Targets for Vascular Therapies for Brain AVMs

Migraine in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome: Is there a Relationship to Leptin?

Development of Synergistic Phyto-Metabolites as Health Promoting Dietary Systems

Completing the Metabolome

Sex Dependency of Human Metabolic Profiles Revisited

When Systems Biology Meets Metabolomics: Network Models May Guide Cancer Therapy

Pharmacometabolomics in Drug Discovery & Development: Applications and Challenges

Biomarker Identification of Vitreous Fluid for Diabetic Retinopathy

A New Age in Metabolism

The Metabolomic Paradigm of Pharmacogenomics in Complex Disorders

Individualized Cancer Chemotherapy by Detecting Cancer Biomarkers

Conceptual Modelling of Telapathic Network

Metabolic Shift in Cancer Cells Treated with Chemotherapy: Autophagy and Cancer Chemoresistance

Behind Every Good Metabolite there is a Great Enzyme (and perhaps a structure)

The Role of Biological Agents in Immunotherapy

Metabolomics of Psychotic Disorders

Ligand-Based Virtual Screening for the Discovery of Inhibitors for Protein Arginine Deiminase Type 4 (PAD4)

miR-146a Influences Energy Metabolism, Cell Differentiation and Innate Immunity

A Swarm Intelligence Heuristic Approach to Longest Common Subsequence Problem for Arbitrary Number of Sequences

Is Osteocalcin Implicated in the Regulation of Energy Metabolism in Active Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Personalized Medicine: New Perspectives in Cancer Treatments

Potential Protection by Antioxidants of the Action of Tobacco Smoke on the Metabolism of Cultured Bovine Lenses

Role of Thymidinekinase and Thymidine Phosphorylase as Enzymatic Test for Efficacy of Oncological Patients Treatment

Profiling of Terpene Metabolism in 13CO2-Labelled Thymus transcaucasicus

Integrative Analysis Workflow for Untargeted Metabolomics in Translational Research

Metabolomics of Epigenetic Drugs: Precautionary Measures

Cancer Metabolomics in the Context of Systems Biology

Lipidomics: A Rapidly Emerging Analytical Platform in Clinical Research

The Pathogenic Component of the APOE-TOMM40 Region in Alzheimer’s Disease: Its Implications in Metabolomics and Pharmacogenomics

Untargeted Lipidomic Profiling of Human Plasma Reveals Differences due to Race, Gender and Smoking Status

Therapeutic Potential of T-oligo and its Mechanism of Action

Comparison of Regularized Regression Methods for ~Omics Data

Lipidomics Analysis of Postmortem Interval: Preliminary Evaluation of Human Skeletal Muscle

Metabolic Profiling of Saliva in Patients with Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome

miR-22 and miR-23a Control Glycerol-Dependent Gluconeogenesis by Regulating Aquaporin 9 Expression

Metastatic Melanoma Induced Metabolic Changes in C57BL/6J Mouse Stomach Measured by 1H NMR Spectroscopy

Microbial Metabolomics: Towards Pathogen Detection and Biological Prospecting

Integrative 1H-NMR-based Metabolomic Profiling to Identify Type-2 Diabetes Biomarkers: An Application to a Population of Qatar

High Serum Concentration of Sulfatide is a Risk Factor for Restenosis in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Interpretation and Integration of 13C-Fluxomics Data

Relationship between Serum Uric Acid and Coronary Blood Flow in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

A Potential Biofilm Metabolite Signature for Caries Activity - A Pilot Clinical Study

Potential Role of Natural Dietary Compounds in the Modulation of Metabolomic Fingerprints of Cancer

Metabolomics: The-Omics of Tomorrow

Metabolomic Foot Printing and Microbial Pathogens

Anticancer Drug Development, a Matter of Money or a Matter of Idea?

Development of a Specific Latex Agglutination Test to Detect Antibodies of Enterovirus 71

Metabolite Signatures in Hydrophilic Extracts of Mouse Lungs Exposed to Cigarette Smoke Revealed by 1H NMR Metabolomics Investigation

Maturation Arrest of Oocytes – Case Reports

Future Perspectives for Controlling Ebola Epidemics

A Double-Function of PD-ECGF/TP Protein that Predict Response to Target Chemotherapy

Cancer Bioinformatics, its Impacts on Cancer Therapy

Ontologies in Metabolomics

Constraints-Based Modeling to Identify Gene Targets for Overproduction of Ethanol by Escherichia coli: The Effect of Glucose Phosphorylation Reaction

New Insights into the Pathogenesis and Pharmacogenomics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Ebola Origin and Therapies

Anticancer Drug Combinations: A Big Momentum is Needed

Pharmacoepigenomics and the Metabolomics of Drug Efficacy and Safety

Comparative Phytochemical Profiling of Clerodendrum infortunatum L. Using GC-MS Method Coupled with Multivariate Statistical Approaches

Evaluating the Association of Heme and Heme Metabolites with Lung Cancer Bioenergetics and Progression

Consistency of Metabolite Determination from NMR Spectra over Time and Between Operators

Metabolomics Based on UPLC-QTOF/MS Applied for the Discrimination of Cynanchum wilfordii and Cynanchum auriculatum

Glutathione S-transferase Activity in Diagnostic Pathology

Lipid Metabolism Profiling and Bladder Cancer

Urinary Metabolic Profiling of MARS-500 Project with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Metabolomics of Drug Resistance in Cancer: The Epigenetic Component

Zingerone Protects the Tellurium Toxicity in the Brain Mitochondria of Rats

Poloxamer 188 as a Supplement to Barium Cross-Linked Ultra-High Viscosity Alginate for Immunoisolation of Transplanted Islet Cells

Isolation and Characterization of Coumarin Isolated from Endophyte, Alternaria Species -1 of Crotalaria pallida and Its Apoptotic Action on HeLa Cancer Cell Line

Novel Insight into 2-Hydroxyglutarate Production in Human Cells

1H NMR Metabolomics Study of Spleen from C57BL/6 Mice Exposed to Gamma Radiation

Fast Sampling of Adherent Cell Cultures for Optimal Metabolomics Results

The Neutrophil Extracellular Traps: The Missed Link between Microvascular Inflammation and Diabetes?

In Vitro Apoptotic Activity of Endophytic Fungal Lectin Isolated from Endophyte, Aspergillus flavus of Viscum album on Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cell Line (MCF-7)

Metabolomics Methods as a New Diagnostic Tool for Thyroid Nodules

Mathematics or Physics-Majored Students on the Biomedical Fields, Insiders or Outsiders?

Proteoepigenomic Biomarkers of Brain Disorders

Anticancer Therapy Based on Suppression of Pathways Recruited to Cope with Metabolic Stress

The MTHFR C677T Polymorphism and Hyperuricemia Risk: A Meta-analysis of 558 Cases and 912 Controls.

Obese Patient-Derived Sera have Proinflammatory Effect.

Metabolism-Schrodinger the Sixth Physical Field

Metabolic Profiling of Dunaliella salina Shifting Cultivation Conditions to Nitrogen Deprivation

Effect of Vitrified Frozen-Thawed Embryo Transplantation on Glycometabolism of the Offspring Mice

Can Osteoprotegerin be a Target of Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?

Progresses of the Past Decade on Factors Contributing to Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Synthase Regulation

Assessment of GC-MS in Detecting Changes in the Levels of Metabolites Using a Spike-in Experiment in Human Plasma

Magnesium Metabolism, Vitamin D and Interleukins in Cardiovascular Disease

Rats’ Metabolic Responses to Chronic Intervention with Cantonese Herbal Tea

The Complexity of Alzheimerâ??s Disease Pharmacogenomics and Metabolomics in Drug Development

Metabolomics Applications in Plant Biotechnology

Magic Angle Spinning NMR Metabolomics

Updating Biomedical Studies by Recruiting More Mathematics or Physics-majored Talents

H/D Exchange Studies in Metabolite Identification

Gut Microbiome Derived Metabolites to Regulate Energy Homeostasis: How Microbiome Talks to Host

Glycemic, Insulinemic, Lipidemic and Antioxidant Status of nSTZ Rats after Chronic Administration of Cicer arietinum Extract

Discover Natural Chemical Drugs in Modern Medicines

Xylem Sap Metabolite Profile Changes During Phytostimulation of Maize by the Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium, Azospirillum lipoferum CRT1

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Improves Data Quantity and Quality as Compared to Unit Mass Resolution Mass Spectrometry in High- Throughput Profiling Metabolomics

NMR Based Metabolomics Evaluation in Neonatal Calves with Acute Diarrhea and Suspected Sepsis: A New Approach for Biomarker/s

Involvement of Amp Kinase in Glucose Uptake and Palmitate Oxidation in L6 Muscle Cell Cultures

Effects of Metformin and a Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) ATP-Competitive Inhibitor on Targeted Metabolomics in Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line

Molybdenum Cofactor and Sulfite Oxidase Deficiency

Chelator in Environmentally-exposed Poor Detoxifiers: An Adjuvant Hepatoprotective Treatment for Poly-drug Users?

Human Suicide Study, is there an Association between Suicide and Mental Illness?

Metabolic Phenotyping of Blood Plasma by Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Discriminate between Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer

Racing for the True Metabolomics Signature of Coronary Artery Disease

Life Origin on Earth, Insights among Different Arguments

Metabolic Reprogramming in Resting and Activated Immune Cells

Multiplexed Quantification of Metabolites with MISSILE

Biomarkers of the Caseous Lymphadenitis in Sheep by NMR-Based Metabolomics

Coordination of Plant Primary Metabolism Studied with a Constraint-based Metabolic Model of C3 Mesophyll Cell

Discrimination of the Geographical Origin of Sclerocarya birrea by 1HNMR and LC-MS Based Metabolite Profiling

Transcriptional Profiling of Stress Response or Slow Growth?

Plasma Free Amino Acid Profiles to Link Protein Malnutrition and Malnutrition Initiated Clinical Outcomes

Bioactive Metabolites of Actinomycetes–Screening from Genomic and Metabolomic Approach

Growth-Differentiation Factor-15 as Additional Prognostic Biomarkers in Heart Failure

General Topics in the Field of Personalized Cancer Therapy

Positive Effect of Magnesium Orotate Therapy in Hypertensive Heart Disease

Deep Sequencing Analysis of the Eha-Regulated Transcriptome of Edwardsiella tarda Following Acidification

Relationship between Uric Acid and Metabolic Syndrome among Users of a Primary Care Clinic in Mexico

Obesity, Risks and Managements

An Enriched Collagen Peptide Formula but not Fish Collagen Improves Exercise Performance and Metabolic Status in Old Mice

Paediatric Tuberculosis - Can we eradicate it?

An Overview of Obesity

The Application of Metabolomics in the Development of Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools for Breast Cancer

Integrated Systems Approach Identifies Pathways from the Genome to Triglycerides through a Metabolomic Causal Network

Antimetabolic Activity of PI3K-Alpha Inhibition Impinges on DNA Mismatch Repair Priming the Tumor for Checkpoint Immunotherapy

Editor Note-Metabolomics:Open Access

Metabolomics:Open Access-Editor Note

Multiple 'omics'-Analysis Reveals the Role of Prostaglandin E2 in Hirschsprungâ??s Disease

Circulatory Histidine levels for the assessment of disease activity in Takayasu arteritis: A targeted NMR based serum metabolomics study

Metabolomics of Metabolic Origins

Integrated NMR and LC-MS based metabolomics approach for biomarker identification for radiation exposure

The Study of Troglitazone Liver Toxicity via Metabolomics and in silico Approaches

Cellulose membranes are more effective in holding back vital proteins and exhibit less interaction with plasma proteins during hemodialysis


Numerical simulation of tumor growth-Reproduction of Gompertz's model

Alanine Enhances Aminoglycosides-Induced ROS Production by Metabolic Regulation

Probabilistic Universal Model Approximator (PUMA): A Novel Algorithm for Visualizing Classification Models

The Influence of Circulating Polya mines and Amino Acids on Lean Body Mass

Herbs in oral precancerous lesions and conditions

Role of herpes viruses in chronic periodontitis a short review

Metabolomics Editor Note

Editor Note Metabolomics

Integrated NMR and LC-MS based metabolomics approach for biomarker identification for radiation

The Study of Troglitazone Liver Toxicity via Metabolomics and in silico

Circulatory Histidine levels for the assessment of disease activity in Takayasu arteritis: A targeted NMR based serum metabolomics study

Multiple 'omics'-Analysis Reveals the Role of Prostaglandin E2 in Hirschsprungâ??s Disease

Metabolomics of Metabolic

Putrescine, Cadaverine, Spermine and Spermidine- Enhanced Precatalyst Preparation Stabilization and Initiation (EPPSI) Nano Molecules

Obese Manage, Multidisciplinary Medication

Cancer Metabolomics

Metabolomics Biotechnology and Applications

Proteomics & Metabolomics Biochemical Regulations

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