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Volume 11, Issue 1 (2020)

    Research Pages: 1 - 6

    Modeling and Prediction of Electrospun Fiber Morphology using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

    Deogratias Nurwaha and Xinhou Wang

    This study presents the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to predict the morphology of nanofibers
    produced by needless electrospinning method. Two straight and parallel copper wire electrodes electrospinning
    method was used to produce nanofibers. Using digital image processing software Image Journal, Mean Nanofiber
    Diameter (MFD) and Nanofiber Diameter Standard Deviation (NFSD) have been measured and recorded. Adaptive
    Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS), Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and Gene Expression Programming
    (GEP) methods were used for prediction of electrospun nanofiber morphology. Prediction results and experimental
    were compared. It was found that SVMs model has better predictive power in comparison with both ANFIS and Gene
    Expression Programming models. However, results provided by both GEP and ANFIS are also acceptable. The
    relative importance of process parameters as contributor to the nanofiber morphology was also investigated. It was
    found that nanofiber morphology was strongly or weakly dependent on processing parameters.

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 15

    Multi-Swarm Harris Hawk’s Optimization

    Ameer Khan* and Zartashia Gull

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    In this paper, the performance of a multi- swarm Harris Hawk’s Optimization algorithm is reported on a set of benchmark functions provided by CEC2005. In literature, any multi-swarming technique has not been applied to Harris Hawk’s Optimization. In this algorithm, the population is designed to include a number of swarms. All the swarms follow the original algorithm of HHO; however, agents from different swarms are regrouped frequently. Regrouping is performed using random permutation and the global best among all the swarms is considered as Rabbit or Best Solution so far, after iteration. Results show significant improvements in benchmark functions

    Volume 11, Issue 2 (2020)

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

      Influence of Principal Component Analysis as a Data Conditioning Approach for Training Multilayer Feedforward Neural Networks with Exact Form of Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm

      Najam Ul Qadir*, Md. Rafiul Hassan and Khalid Akhtar

      DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.239

      Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) have generally been observed to learn with a relatively higher rate of convergence resulting in an improved training performance if the input variables are preprocessed before being used to train the network. The  foremost objectives  of  data  preprocessing  include  size  reduction  of  the  input  space,  smoother  relationship,  data  normalization,  noise  reduction,  and  feature  extraction. The most commonly used technique for input space reduction is Principal Component Analysis (PCA) while two of the most commonly used data normalization approaches include the min-max normalization or rescaling, and the z-score normalization also known as standardization. However, the selection of the most appropriate preprocessing method for a given dataset is not a trivial task especially if the dataset contains an unusually large number of training patterns. This study presents a first attempt of combining PCA with each of the two aforementioned normalization approaches for analyzing the network performance based on the Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) training algorithm utilizing exact formulations of both the gradient vector and the Hessian matrix. The network weights have been initialized using a linear least squares method. The training procedure has been conducted for each of the proposed modifications of the LM algorithm for four different types of datasets and the training performance in terms of the average convergence rate and a proposed performance metric has been compared with the Neural Network Toolbox in MATLAB® (R2017a).

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 5

      Sonoluminescence from Ultra-High-Temperature and High-Pressure Cavitation and its Effect on Surface Modification of Cr-Mo Steel

      Toshihiko Yoshimura*, Daisaku Maeda, Takayuki Ogi, Fumihiro Kato and Masataka Ijiri

      DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.240

      Sonoluminescence from various types of cavitation bubbles, namely those of water jet cavitation (WJC), water jet cavitation with a swirl flow nozzle (SFN-WJC), multifunction cavitation (MFC), ultrasonic cavitation (UC), and ultrahigh-temperature and highpressure cavitation (UTPC), wasinvestigated. The sonoluminescence measurements were compared with the surface modification characteristics imparted to Cr-Mo steel. The luminescence intensity of the various types of cavitation was measured using two types of photon counting head, whose detection sensitivity depends on the wavelength range. 2 UTPC had the highest light intensity, followed by MFC, UC, SFN-WJC, and WJC. The temperature inside the bubbles from the various types of cavitation could be estimated using the black-body emission method based on Planck’s law and the emission intensity, which was corrected for the sensitivity of the detector. UTPC, which had high luminosity and could treat surfaces at high temperatures, was found to increase compressive residual stress and decrease surface roughness compared to WJC and SFN-WJC, which had low luminosity and are forms of cold working. At higher cavitation temperature, more corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant films form on a steel surface. The magnitude of luminescence intensity for a cavitation process corresponds to the magnitude of corrosion potential (surface potential), which indicates corrosion resistance

      Short Communication Pages: 1 - 3

      Balanced Scorecard Improvement

      Jackson Watson*

      DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.241

      Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is one of the most popular performance measurement tools of the past two decades. However, many current and potential adopters of theBSC are not convinced that the technique is able to present a comprehensive picture of organisations’ performance. This commentary paper is aiming to address someof the shortcomings of the BSC in practice and provide some suggestions for its improvement. The BSC links non-financial measures with financial measures in fourareas of performance concerned with financials, internal process, customers and innovation and learning
      Mini Review Pages: 1 - 2

      Strategies in Business Optimization

      Loren James*

      DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.242

      There are a few assignments that nature figures out how to perform without any problem be that as it may, which calculations structured by individuals can't finish. We can discover these undertakings in muddled and variable situations. Mathematicians have directed their concentration toward nature, and on the premise of relationship they made the fluffy rationale, neural systems, and developmental calculations hypotheses. There are different regions of utilization, such as advancement in the executives, hazard the executives, dynamic, the financial exchange, innovation control, reenactment, expectation, bunch examinations, and different parts of utilizations in business. The utilization of the speculations referenced above is in the circle of advancement. We can for the most part notice, for instance, an improvement of mechanical dynamic procedures with the point of streamlining (least misfortunes and costs, most extreme benefit), a streamlining of capital dynamic, a streamlining of portfolios, an enhancement of costs of items and volume of creation, an answer of the issues of movement of sales reps/salesmen, and so forth. The business frameworks have a place with the most confused unique frameworks. The applications in business have explicit highlights in examination with applications in building. The procedures are centered around upgrading pay or benefit, or on enhancing diminishing costs. Along these lines, such applications, both effective and ineffective, are not distributed all the time on account of mystery in the profoundly serious conditions among firms and organizations. The procedures are engaged on private corporate endeavors at cash making. The delicate processing techniques help in business to focus on the correct clients and subsequently it can prompt higher benefits and to accomplishment in the serious battle. There are different delicate processing strategies utilized in business: old style ones and strategies utilizing delicate figuring. The dynamic forms in business are exceptionally muddled, where numerous factors are hard to gauge; they are described by imprecision, vulnerability, unclearness, semitruth, estimation, non-linearity and so forth. Under these conditions, the strategies for delicate figuring, for example, fluffy rationale, neural systems, developmental calculations are fitting. As a rule, one might say that the field of uses of delicate figuring techniques in business covers a wide region of utilizations.

      Letter Pages: 1 - 3

      Advances in Centrifugal Compressors

      Natasha Jones*

      DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.243

      In the case where flow passes through a straight pipe to enter a centrifugal compressor the flow is straight, uniform and has no vorticity, ie swirling motion, so the swirl angle α1 = 0° as illustrated. As the flow passes through the centrifugal impeller, the impeller forces the flow to spin faster as it gets further from the rotational axis. According to a form of Euler's fluid dynamics equation, known as the pump and turbine equation, the energy input to the fluid is proportional to the flow's local spinning velocity multiplied by the local impeller tangential velocity. In many cases, the flow leaving the centrifugal impeller is travelling near the speed of sound. It then flows through a stationary compressor causing it to decelerate. The stationary compressor is ducting with increasing flow-area where energy transformation takes place. If the flow has to be turned in a rearward direction to enter the next part of the machine, e.g. another impeller or a combustor, flow losses can be reduced by directing the flow with stationary turning vanes or individual turning pipes (pipe diffusers). As described in Bernoulli's principle, the reduction in velocity causes the pressure to rise.

      Mini Review Pages: 1 - 2

      Computing Technology for Industrial Production Planning

      Tony Walker*

      This manuscript based on the results of a survey, reviews the typical computer applications encountered in the manufacturing industry. The use of computers and available operations research techniques, for production planning and control, amongst companies participating in this survey is discussed. Difficulties, encountered by existing users, in implementing their computer systems are outlined. The article concludes with a brief discussion of the impact of computer use on a number of significant measures of performance.

      Letter Pages: 1 - 2

      Cell of Human Body

      Jackson Jones*

      This manuscript based on the results of a survey, reviews the typical of cell application which can be used for there development of the human and technology in this manuscript we are focusing on the computer and technology and show our well defined to technology in the manuscript. Difficulties, encountered by existing users, in implementing their computer systems are outlined. The article concludes with a brief discussion of the impact of computer use on a number of significant measures of performance.

      Volume 11, Issue 3 (2020)

        Letter to Editor Pages: 1 - 2

        Technology for Waste Management

        Elly Kate*

        DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.247

        Waste management the board is a fundamental procedure for the advancement of any country. The exponential development in the urbanization and industrialization has brought the waste administration issue into prime core interest. The practices received for squander the executives fluctuate around the world just as locales and segments. Strong waste managment incorporates a few exercises running from squander assortment to squander reusing and squander reuse. These exercises can utilize the innovation for improving the throughput at each level.

        Objective: This paper gives an audit of the exercises in question and innovation utilized at each progression of the strong waste administration process.

        Strategies: A stage astute conversation of the exercises engaged with strong waste administration cycle is furnished alongside the current techniques by and by for every action. The paper further gives a specialized survey of innovation utilized for improving the waste administration situation. A short conversation of the techniques for diminishing waste age and expanding reuse is likewise introduced. At last, the paper recognizes a rundown of provokes identified with the waste administration process and gives reasonable proposals to tending to the distinguished difficulties.

        End: This work will assist the specialists with gaining important knowledge into the difficulties associated with strong waste administration rehearses and would direct future examination in regards to the work of innovation for improving the productivity of the general waste administration process.

        Opinion Article Pages: 1 - 2

        Biofuel Technology

        Bekele Bamu*

        DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.248

        Biofuel product proceeded with abuse and carbon emanations issues have provoked expanded exploration endeavors on reasonable and sustainable power sources as option in contrast to non-renewable energy sources. Biofuels incorporate items got from biomasses or their buildups, for example, biogas, biodiesel, bioethanol, biomethanol, engineered biofuels, biohydrogen and vegetable oil. Because of their properties, these might be utilized in ordinary motors as delivered, or mixed with nonrenewable energy sources. First and second era biofuels might be created from a huge assortment of feedstocks, including food harvests, for example, sugar beet, sugar stick, sorghum, vitality crops, for example, lignocellulosic masses, and waste, similar to the natural portion of civil strong waste, or landfill leachate. In the most recent decade, a third era of biofuels has risen, for example those got from microalgae. Despite the fact that their yield is higher, and their ozone depleting substance impression lower than past ages, they despite everything need a lot of water and supplements for creation. In this paper, the most widely recognized biofuels (biogas, syngas, biodiesel, bioethanol and biobutanol) are looked into and broke down with specific consideration on their carbon and water impressions and monetary supportability view point

        Commentry Pages: 1 - 2

        Technology for Management of Industrial Energy

        James Holland*

        DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.249

        Changes is the present discussion in practically all points both in the scholarly world and practice. Vitality changes among others, have gotten generally more consideration, because of the worldwide interest for expanding vitality productivity and bringing down natural effects. In ongoing decades, vitality the executives frameworks, through actualizing vitality the board programs and related practices inside modern organizations, have assumed a fundamental job in improving mechanical vitality effectiveness execution levels. In any case, still there are issues at absolute initial step of vitality the board program establishment, which is dynamic. Notwithstanding market and non-advertise disappointments, absence of data, insufficient information, the ensuing increment in the view of hazard and vulnerability can be tended to as likely explanations behind referenced issues. Another basic explanation can be clarified through how a vitality program is portrayed by individuals who are going to at a vitality related choice work area. Remembering that designation of the financial plan for any speculation ought have money related compliance, yet in addition a vital incentive for the organization, this paper plans to talk about the affecting boundaries on modern vitality related dynamic and conduct designs regarding the basic job of mechanical vitality the executives frameworks

        Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

        High-Energy Radiation in the Space

        Gloria Thomson*

        DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.250

        In spite of long periods of exploration, comprehension of the space radiation condition and the hazard it stances to long-length space explorers stays restricted. There is a dissimilarity between research results and watched experimental impacts found in human space explorer teams, likely because of the various elements that limit earthbound recreation of the perplexing space condition and extrapolation of human clinical outcomes from differed creature models. Given the expected fate of human spaceflight, with endeavors currently to quickly extend abilities for human missions to the moon and Mars, there is a squeezing need to enhance the comprehension of the space radiation chance, anticipate likely clinical results of interplanetary radiation presentation, and create suitable and compelling moderation methodologies for future missions. To accomplish this objective, the space radiation and aviation network must perceive the verifiable restrictions of radiation exploration and how such confinements could be tended to in future examination attempts. We have looked to feature the various elements that breaking point comprehension of the danger of room radiation for human teams and to recognize manners by which these impediments could be tended to for improved understanding and suitable hazard act in regards to future human spaceflight

        Mini Review Pages: 1 - 2

        Space Communication and Technology

        Yudum Sibru*

        DOI: 10.37421/2229-8711.2020.11.251

        Space correspondence is turning into an essential piece of national and worldwide frameworks. Nations are progressively subject to worldwide satellite abilities for national and global frameworks, which incorporate frameworks overseeing the route of airplane and boats, military choice emotionally supportive networks, money related exchanges, and interchanges through the Internet. Digital security dangers to space interchanges are a moderately new wonder, with expanding associations with the bleeding edge of worry for the basic frameworks because of the weaknesses that such dangers may misuse and contrarily sway. Truth be told, such weaknesses may influence military order frameworks, dispatch frameworks, correspondences, telemetry, following and order, and mission finishing. All the more significantly, space frameworks are frequently utilized as reinforcement answers for customary correspondence system: thus, they are not made sure about by structure.

        Volume 12, Issue 1 (2021)

          Research Article Pages: 1 - 8

          Adding Bluetooth Capabilities to the Vehicle Key Fob

          Ziad AlHihi

          While working to deliver an app that send commands to the vehicle, I noticed it will not function properly when the phone battery dies. I thought to have the other regular key as alternative solution but the customers did not like to carry the bulky keys. I did some research and came up with a credit card form factor with the same functionalities of a regular key. I added value of Bluetooth chip that connects to the app. I also realized some customers own multiple vehicles and I added a memory chip to save the key learning of up to four vehicles. From the app we can decide what the active profile is. A system includes a mobile device and a fob, each having a short-range wireless transceiver. The mobile device is programmed to transmit a message to the fob indicating a fob action using the mobile device transceiver. The fob is programmed to, using the fob transceiver, receive the message and transmit a second message to a vehicle requesting the vehicle to perform the fob action. In one or more illustrative examples, a system includes a mobile device and a fob, each having a short-range wireless transceiver. The mobile device is programmed to transmit a message to the fob indicating a fob action using the mobile device transceiver, and the fob is programmed to, using the fob transceiver, receive the message and transmit a second message to a vehicle requesting the vehicle to perform the fob action. In one or more illustrative examples, a method includes transitioning a fob into valet mode by sending a wireless short-range message to the fob responsive to receiving input to a mobile device to set the fob into valet mode; and transitioning the fob from valet mode into full access mode by sending a second wireless short-range message to the fob responsive to receiving second input to the mobile device to remove the fob from valet mode. In one or more illustrative examples, a system includes a mobile device and a fob, each having a short-range wireless transceiver. The mobile device is programmed to, responsive to user input, transmit a message using the mobile device transceiver to the fob to transition the fob from being configured to control a first vehicle profile to being configured to control a second vehicle profile, and the fob is programmed to, using the fob transceiver, receive the message and control the second vehicle.

          Research Article Pages: 1 - 4

          Comparative Analysis of Multi-Verse Optimizer with Time Freeze Effect and basic Multi-Verse Optimizer

          Ameer Khan

          In this paper an improvement of a well-known nature inspired meta-heuristic algorithm is compared with the original algorithm i.e. Multi-Verse Optimizer (MVO). Multi-Verse Optimizer with Time Freeze Effect (MVOTFE) is compared with original MVO in terms of optimization performance, time taken and convergence behavior. MVOTFE is first tested with same 19 benchmark test problems that are used by MVO. MVOTFE uses same mathematical model as used by MVO with only addition of time freeze effect in the algorithm. Comparative analysis suggests that MVOTFE not only outperforms original MVO in 16 out of 19 test problems but also provides faster convergence in lesser time. As indicated by convergence curves, it also effectively escapes from local optima present in the search space.

          Image Article Pages: 1 - 1

          3D Body Scanning Technology and its Applications

          Erica Cohen

          Complete frameworks for the digitization of the human body exist since over fifteen years. One of the principle clients of this innovation with application in the material field was the military business. Indeed, body examining innovation is as a rule effectively utilized since numerous years in army installations for a quick determination of the right size of garbs for the whole staff. Complete arrangements were particularly created for this field of use. A wide range of exploration projects were given for the abuse of a similar innovation in the business field. Examinations were performed and fire up projects are to time running in various pieces of the world by introducing full-body checking frameworks in different areas like shopping centers, stores or committed filtering focus

          Image Article Pages: 1 - 1

          Forensic Facial Reconstruction and Optimization

          Erica Cohen

          Scientific facial reproduction can be utilized to recognize obscure human remaining parts when different methods fizzle. Through this article, we endeavor to survey the various techniques for facial recreation announced in writing. There are a few procedures of doing facial remaking, which fluctuate from two dimensional drawings to three-dimensional earth models. With the progression in 3D innovation, a quick, productive and financially savvy modernized 3D criminological facial reproduction technique has been created which has cut down the level of mistake recently experienced. There are a few strategies for manual facial recreation yet the mix Manchester strategy has been accounted for to be the awesome most precise technique for the positive acknowledgment of a person. Acknowledgment permits the elaborate government organizations to make a rundown of suspected casualties.

          Viewpoint Pages: 1 - 1

          A Cordial Welcome to Participate as Editor for Global Journal of Technology and Optimization

          Erica Cohen

          Firstly we would like to extend our warm gratitude to the Editors of this Open Access Journal. Global Journal of Technology and Optimization has collaboration with more than 50 eminent Editors and is successfully publishing quality articles in the field of ‘technology and optimization’. We are using an Editorial Tracking System for quality in peer-review process which is an online manuscript submission, review and tracking systems. Review processing is performed by the editorial board members of the Journal or outside experts; at least two independent reviewers approval followed by editor approval is required for acceptance of any citable manuscript. Authors may submit manuscripts and track their progress through the system, hopefully to publication.

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