Journal of Forensic Research

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Volume 11, Issue 6 (2020)

    Review Pages: 1 - 8

    A Path of Sympathetic to the Forensic Science from the Sight of Forensic Anthropology

    Pranav Y Dave

    Over the past few decades the field of forensic science has experienced a remarkable development and sustainability enhance the public profile.
    Due to increasing the different techniques to do the crime, there must be some unique and diverse methods to investigate it. The prominence
    of forensic science has concluded from scientific and technological advancement, increase in reliance of law enforcement and judicial system.
    Some of the crimes are smartly occurred, that in investigation there are no clues and evidence would be found to excess the further investigation.
    Anthropology is a unique and old way to easily notice the clues at crime scene. With the help of forensic anthropology, anthropologist can
    distinguish the possible stories behind the crime. Even in psychological way, the method can also sense the psychology of the criminal. This
    review paper aims to identify how best to organize and deliver forensic science education. It also explains the relation the important part of the
    anthropology in forensic science and how forensic anthropology can be useful at crime scenes. This paper also endeavours that how forensic
    anthropology can easily detect the clue physically and psychologically to investigate the crime scenes with the help of some hypothesis cases.

    Review Pages: 1 - 6

    Exploring the Potential of Ridge Density as a Measure of Sex Identification

    Vilas Anil Chavan and Rajesh Kumar

    when a fingerprint is found at a scene of crime, it is sought to compare with the fingerprints from a set of suspects. Sex Identification may be
    considered as first level of identification. In this study, potential of ridge density has been explored for sex identification within wide age groups.
    A database of fingerprints collected from 190(95 Male and 95 Female) people of various age groups ranging from 1-70 year from Marathwada
    population has been prepared. Analysis of the fingerprints shows ridge density as an efficient sex marker except for the kids less than 10 years
    of age. The present study was aimed to explore the potential of ridge density in sex identification. The variability due to well defined area for the
    calculation of ridge density was also explored. The study revealed that there is no significant difference in ridge density due to selected region.
    As far as variability due to age is concerned, it has been found that there is stability in ridge density once the age crosses 10 years. As far as
    identification of sex is concerned, there is a difference of 1-2 ridges when ridge density of male vs. female is calculated, which may be due to
    average over a small database.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

    Inside A Tiny Bit - Criminological Distinguishing Proof Of Single Colored Hair Strand Now Conceivable

    Sowmya Uttam*

    However, imagine a scenario in which a touch of design awareness could motivate another measurable procedure. In a new report distributed in Analytical Sciences, researchers at the Tokyo University of Science, Japan, built up a procedure for recognizing crooks from a solitary strand of hair, utilizing the way that hair colors are getting progressively normal. Their methodology includes seeing whether two individual strands of hair have a place with a similar individual dependent on the arrangement of hair color items found on them. To do this, they utilized two notable insightful techniques: surface-upgraded Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and X-beam fluorescence (XRF) examination.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

    Most grown-ups passing on rashly of normal causes didn't look for clinical assistance, report uncovers

    Sowmya Uttam

    The exploration, distributed as of late in PLOS One, found key components identifying with untimely grown-up passings by examining dissection reports and medicolegal demise examination records of 1,282 individuals between the ages of 25 and 59 who kicked the bucket in Harris County in 2013.
    As indicated by milestone research distributed in 2015, there has been a sensational flood in the death pace of moderately aged white Americans since 1999. Untimely grown-up passings are characterized as passings before the normal mortality age.
    ""I had seen more youthful individuals kicking the bucket when I worked at the IFS, so I set out to recognize the causes in Harris County," said Stacy Drake, PhD, MPH, RN, who is the lead creator of the examination and now an associate educator at Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth.

    Editor Note Pages: 1 - 1

    A breath test for narcotics

    Sowmya Uttam.

    A test to recognize narcotic medications in breathed out breath has been created by specialists and doctors at the University of California, Davis. A breath test could be valuable in thinking about ongoing agony patients just as for checking for illicit medication use.
    "There are a couple of ways we figure this could affect society," said Professor Cristina Davis, seat of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC Davis, who drove the exploration alongside Professor Michael Schivo from the UC Davis Medical Center. The work is depicted in a paper distributed in the Journal of Breath Research Oct. 3.
    Specialists and attendants treating constant agony may have to screen patients to ensure they are ingesting their medications accurately, that their recommended drugs are being utilized appropriately and that they are not taking extra meds. Blood tests are the highest quality level: a solid, noninvasive test would be a valuable other option.

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