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A Fatal Motorcycle Accident, UK Road Traffic Legislation Since 1903 and Recent Changes in the Law

DETECHIP®: An Improved Molecular Sensing Array

Aetiology of Minor Crimes - Are Individuals Committing Minor Crimes Influenced more by Environmental Factors or Genetic Traits?

Forensic Pharmacokinetics: A New Dimension for Drug Related Medico Legal Cases

Postmortem Methamphetamine Distribution

Population Genetics for 15 STR loci of Liaoning Han in Northeastern China

Palatal Rugea - an Aid in Clinical Dentistry

Times of Detection of Drugs of Abuse in Saliva: Study of Arrested Population

Exposure Standards for Digital and Analogue Dry Skull Orthopantomography

Concordance Study between the AmpFlSTR® SGM Plus™ and PowerPlex™ 16 System Human Identification Kits in Bangladeshi Population

Thoraco- Omphalo-Ischiopagus Tripus Conjoined Twins: Report of a Case

Quantifiler®Duo DNA Quantification Kit: A Guiding Tool for Short Tandem Repeat Genotyping of Forensic Samples

Effects of Reference Population and Number of STR Markers on positive evidence in Paternity Testing

Forest Range Strong Room Robbery Case: Examination of Lock and Gas Cutter Tool Marks - A Case Study

Souvenir Bullet Recovered From Firearm Victim: Case Report

Open Tuberculosis in Police Custody Suites, the Risks to those Working there and Current United Kingdom Public Health Legislation

Medicolegal Aspects Concerning Tramadol Abuse. The New Middle East Youth Plague: An Egyptian Overview 2010

Potential Role of Knee Print in Forensic Identification

Delayed Death in Hanging

Multilocus Genotyping of Asian Elephant Ivory: A Case Study in Suspected Wildlife Crime

Sources of DNA Contamination and Decontamination Procedures in the Forensic Laboratory

Molecular Forensic Approaches to the Taxonomic Assessment of Bacteria in a Commercial Consortia

Study of Suspected Burning Case: A Homicide or A Suicide

Identification of a Death-scene Maggot using Standardized Molecular Methods:Sarcophagabullata Parker 1916(Sarcophagidae) Out-numbers Blowflies (Calliphoridae)on an Urban Cadaver in Southeastern Texas

Design and Layout of Mortuary Complex for a Medical College and Peripheral Hospitals

Healthcare in the United States Unnecessary Procedures, Lawsuits, and Skyrocketing Costs

Accidental fatal intoxication with Carbon Monoxide

Heritability of Lip Print Patterns among North Indian Populations

The Comprehensive Analysis of Traumatic Rib Fractures and their Complications: A Post Mortem Study

Restoration of Fingerprints from a Mummified Cadaver

STR Profiling of Human Cell Lines: Challenges and Possible Solutions to the Growing Problem

The Michael Jackson Autopsy: Insights Provided by a Forensic Anesthesiologist

Prediction Model Validation: Normal Human Pigmentation Variation

Radiography Superimposition in Personal Identification - A Case Study Involving Surgical Implants

Malingering in Forensic Psychiatry Assessment

Teeth and their Secrets - Forensic Dentistry

Grevious Bodily Harm by Deliberate and Reckless Infection with HIV by Unprotected Hetero-Sexual Intercourse

Identification of Severely Burnt Bodies Due to Post Collision Fire: Bus - Truck Collision at Induruwa, Southern Sri Lanka

Issues on Methods of Identification in Court Ordered Paternity Testing - The Case of Portugal

Validity of Pathologic Comment with Macroscopic and Microscopic Findings of Infant Lung Regarding Live or Still Birth

DNA Wildlife Forensics: Present and Future

How Do Non-Clinical Paranoid and Socially Anxious Individuals React to Failure? The Role of Hostility and State Anxiety

Determination of Gender Differences from Fingerprints Ridge Density in Two Northern Indian Population of Chandigarh Region

Epidemiological Profile of Snake Bite at Tertiary Care Hospital, North India

Molecular Typing of Staphylococcus aureus: Understanding and Controlling Epidemic Spread

Forensic Odontostomatology an Overview

Purkinje Cell Injury Caused by Acrylamide

Modern Trend of Country Made /Improvised Pistols Used in the Capital of India

Application of Forensic DNA Identification to Human Cell Line Authentication

How the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Supports Federalism

Assessment of Decomposition Studies Indicates Need for Standardized and Repeatable Research Methods in Forensic Entomology

Role of Dentist in Forensic Investigations

Medico-Legal Age Estimation in Living Individual from a Portuguese Population: Third Molar Mineralization

Epidemiology Analysis of Poisonings with Tramadol

Postmortem Drug Redistribution

Introduction of New DNA Marker Sets in Australian Forensic Laboratories

A Retrospective Analysis over the Forensic Files in one of the Dental Faculty Archives in Turkey

Morphometry of Malleus a Possible Tool in Sex Determination

Use of DNA Technology in Forensic Dentistry

The Role of a Forensic Anthropologist in a Death Investigation

Qualitative Analysis of Illicit Heroin via Visual Examination for Forensic Intelligence

Postmortem Fentanyl Concentrations: A Review

Importance of Sampling Sites for Postmortem Evaluation of Ethyl Alcohol

Medical Aftercare of Sexually Assaulted Victims by Forensic Physician

Tooth Pulp: A Foundation for DNA Analysis

Different Animal Species Hairs as Biological Tool for the Forensic Assessment of Individual Identification Characteristics from Animals of Zoological Park, Pragti Maidan, New Delhi, India

Improved Image Analysis of DETECHIP® Allows for Increased Specificity in Drug Discrimination

DNA Based Familial Searching and Related Statistical Issues

Adrenal Haemorrhages and Burns - An Autopsy Study

Strangulated Transomental Hernia with Intestinal Necrosis: An Autopsy Case

Preliminary Evaluation of the Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC) for Sampling Attribution Signatures from Building Materials

Histochemical and Morphological Characteristics of the Hassall’s Corpuscles. The Stress Affects Involution of the Ectopic Intra-Thyroidal and the Normal Position Thymus and Morphological Changes of the Hassall’s Corpuscles

Suicide: Attempts Methods and Causes in Cases Brought for Autopsy in Bpkihs, Dharan

Epidemiological Study of Medicolegal Organophosphorus Poisoning in Central Region of Nepal

Variability of Finger Ridge Density among Thai Adolescents

Silent Victims of Crime: the Search for Effective Interviewing Techniques by Medical Providers

An Arson Investigation by using Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography- Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

DNASF: A Statistical Package to Analyze the Distribution and Polymorphism of CODIS STR Loci in a Heterogeneous Population

Finger Print of Arsenic Contaminated Water in India-A Review

Fatal Sepsis and Multiorgan Failure Following Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Instillation for Bladder Cancer Treatment

An Epidemiological Study of Violent Asphyxial Death in Varanasi Region (India) a Killing Tool

Fusion of Skull Vault Sutures in Relation to Age-A Cross Sectional Postmortem Study Done in 3rd, 4th & 5th Decades of Life

Beyond Binder: Determination of Criminal Responsibility while in a State of Drunkenness by Japanese Courts

Lip Forensics for Criminal Identification

Truth about Truth Detecting Techniques

Employing Police Training as a Tool of Preventive Intervention of Police Complex Trauma: A Brief Report from a Module Presented at the 2011 European Police College Train the Trainers Seminar

Truth Statements in Denial Context: A Study of Prosodic, Paralinguistic, and Discursive Cues in Japanese Speakers

When Good DNA Goes Bad

Reason and Proof in Forensic Evidence

The Comparison of Paraffin Dewaxing Using Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether and Xylene in DNA Extraction from Autopsy Specimens

Moisture Inhibits the Decomposition Process of Tissue Buried in Sea Sand: A Forensic Case Related Study

Identification of Galliformes through Forensically Informative Nucleotide Sequencing (FINS) and its Implication in Wildlife Forensics

Potential of Dust and Soot from Air-Filters of Motor Vehicle Engines as a Forensic Tool: First Experimental Palynological Approach in India

Scanning Electron Microscopic Characterization and Elemental Analysis of Hair: A Tool in Identification of Felidae Animals

Pediatric Poisoning Trend in Lucknow District, India

Forensic Genetics as a Tool for Peace and Justice: An Overview on DNA Quantification

Usability of Histological Assessment of Cerebellar Granule Cell Layer Regardless of Postmortem Interval

Role of Diatoms in the World of Forensic Science

Report of a Case of a Head Injury in a Mule (Eqqus ferus caballus) A Pathological Study

Quantitative Determination of Hemoglobin in Tooth and Bone by Uv/Vis Spectroscopy and Cyclic Voltammetry

Re-Examination of Biological Traces in Sexual Assault Case by a Fragmental DNA Profiling: a Practical Approach

Analysis of Botulinum Neurotoxin Detection by Mass Spectrometry in Forensic Samples

Influence of Socio-Cultural Factors on Homicide: The Nigeria Case Study

An Autopsy Case of a Nonprescription Aspirin Overdose and Chlorine Gas Exposure

The Malignant Narcissistic Dimension in the Antisocial Personality Disorder

Domestic Violence: The Medical Forensic Response

Is Sexual Assault Well Managed in the UK? Can the UK and the US Learn from Each Other?

Food Forensics in the Human and Pet-Food Industry: Use of a Simple Technology to Identify Commercially Important Species of Kangaroos from Western Australia

Postmortem Urinary Cortisol Levels in Relation to the Cause of Death

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Forensic Drug Flunitrazepam upon Exposure to UV Irradiation

Is the “Lege Artis” Principle Obsolete?

A Novel Method for the Analysis of Slash Cuts to Clothing

Tire Track Identification

Evaluation of Low Trace DNA Recovery Techniques from Ridged Surfaces

A Simple Method of Generating Complex DNA Profiles Utilizing Alu-based Markers with Applications in Forensics, Paternity, Genetic Mapping, Population Studies and Ancestry

An Overview of Crimes, Terrorism and DNA Forensics in Pakistan

Differentiation of Handedness of Writer Based on their Strokes and Characteristic Features

Pilot Study of the Estimation of Amphetamines Consumption in the Polish City of Poznan

Crime and Mental Illness: Impulsivity and Jealousy in a Case of Uxoricide

Recent Advances in Forensic DNA Analysis

Developments in Explosives Characterization and Detection

Autopsy Evaluation of Defence Wounds in Homicidal Death in Central India

Diatom Fingerprinting to Ascertain Death in Drowning Cases

Toward Chemical Signature Analysis of Forensic Evidences

Yield of Male Touch DNA from Fabrics in an Assault Model

The Variability Measurement of Shape Independent Features to Establish a New Method to Differentiate Genuine Signatures from Simulated Ones

Methamphetamine: Forbidable but Still a Forensic Issue

Yield of Male Contact DNA Evidence in an Assault Simulation Model

Forensic Sciences and Growth of Cardiology

Cavum Septi Pellucidi as a Marker of the Neuropsychiatric Diseases: A Pointer or Mislead? A Cadaveric-Clinical Observation

Discovery of Three Newly Described Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Mitochondrial DNA Hypervariable Region I (HVI) and Estimation of Variants and Haplotypes Encompassing Nucleotide Positions 16024- 16365

Microscopical and Chemical Study of Cannabis sativa

Forensic DNA Typing of Old Skeletal Remains Using AmpFlSTR® Identifiler®PCR Amplification Kit

Discussion Surrounding the Identification of Henry IV's Alleged Skull

Risk Assessment of School Police Officers in Addressing Public Safety Related to School Violence: A Biopsychosocialcultural Perspective

Towards a Forensic Psychological Evaluation of Juvenile Fire Setters: Parent Power

Comparison between Human Scent Compounds Collected on Cotton and Cotton Blend Materials for SPME-GC/MS Analysis

Studies on Larval Dispersal in Two Species of Blow Flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Trace Evidence Crack a Suicide Proved Homicide: A Case Study

The Judicial Use of DNA Evidence and Forensic Expert Testimony in the Criminal Justice System

Alternative Silver Stain Detection protocol for the GenePrint® STR System Applied to Mestizo Population From Jalisco (West of Mexico)

Determination of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) in Confiscated Tablets by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Diode Array Detector

Scalable SNP Analyses of 100+ Bacterial or Viral Genomes

Legislation and Comparison with Some International Laws

Development Time Variability: Adaptation of Regnieres Method to the Intrinsic Variability of Belgian Lucilia Sericata (Diptera, Calliphoridae) Population

Fitness to Transfer and/or Deport to a Foreign Country, Political and Other Pressures on the FME and The Ethical Considerations of Such Transfers

A suspected case of hunting accident. Case report

NewApproach for Detecting Unknown Malicious Executables

Y Chromosomal SNP Analysis Using the Minisequencing Strategy in a Moroccan Population Samples

Human Hair Analysis among Four Different Castes Having Potential Application in Forensic Investigation

Heavy Metal Toxicity: A Blind Evil

Allele Frequency of 15 Short Tandem Repeats (Strs) in a Buganda Population (Central Uganda): Forensic Utility and Parentage Testing

Trends of Clinical Toxicology Cases in Nepal

Action Protocols in DNA Identification of Isolated Populations

Engagement with Mental Health Services on Release from Prison

An Enzymatic Method to Process Decomposed Non-Human Bone for Forensic DNA Analysis

Quantitative Research in Modern Forensic Analysis of Death Cause: New Classification of Death Cause, Degree of Contribution, and Determination of Manner of Death

Cobbler’s Cut: An Innovative Technique for Middle Ear Dissection

Determining the Ossification Status of Sternal End of the Clavicle using CT and Digital X-ray: A Comparative Study

Establishment of Sexual Dimorphism in North Indian Population by Odontometric Study of Permanent Maxillary Canine

Merging Wildlife and Environmental Monitoring Approaches with Forensic Principles: Application of Unconventional and Non-Invasive Sampling in Eco-Pharmacovigilance

Pornography and the Violent Offender: Importance of Finding the Offender?s Pornography Stash

Eagle Syndrome and Sudden and Unexpected Death: Forensic Point of View about One Case

Age Estimation from Pulp/Tooth Area Ratio in Three Mandibular Teeth by Panoramic Radiographs: Study of an Egyptian Sample

Labial Impressions: A Tool for Identification

Molecular Characterization of Peckia (Pattonella) intermutans (Walker, 1861) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) based on the Partial Sequences of the Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase I Gene

The Use of Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE) Biomarkers in Forensic Investigation: A Suggested Approach

Decapitation by the Force to the Body: A Case Report and a Review of the Literature

Usefulness of Nucleic Acids (DNA/RNA) from Buccal Cells Isolated from Mouthwashes using a Modified Method

The Tightness of the Cotton Swabs Meshing Influences the Chances of Getting Conclusive DNA Profiles

Analysis of Enamel Rod End Pattern at Different Levels of Enamel and its Significance in Ameloglyphics

A Review of Patients in a Psychosexual Clinic-How Strong is the Relationship between Psychosexual Problems and a History of Sexual Abuse or Assault?

Comparative Evaluation of Two Established Age Estimation Techniques (Two Histological and Radiological) by Image Analysis Software using Single Tooth

Age-Dependent Gene Expression of Blow Fly Lucilia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae) during Egg Development Improving Age Estimation in Forensic Entomology

Alleged Medical Malpractice: A Retrospective Study of Forensic Evaluation of Cases in Cairo and Giza regions-Egypt(2009-2011)

Liver and Spleen Injuries and Associated Rib Fractures: An Autopsy Study

Scope of X-Chromosomal MiniSTRs: Current Developments

Reliability of Third Molar Development for Age Estimation in Gujarati Population: A Comparative Study

Retrospective Autopsy Based Study of Fatal Road Traffic Accidents in Fiji

Human Hair Perforation: An Additional Tool in Forensic Biology

Risk Assessment of Mentally Ill Patients are Urgently Needed in China

Historical Origins of Informed Consent in Cancer Surgery

Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometry (UV-VIS) and SALIgAE® Qualitative and Semi-quantitative Tools for the Analysis of Salivary Amylase

A Rare Case of Blast Effect by Lightening

Immunohistochemical Characterization of Sudden Death While Bathing:Evaluating the Expression of SP-A, HSP70 and c-Fos Following Drowning and Thermal Stress

Secondary Transfer of Semen

Altitudinal Diversity of Forensic Blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of Western Ghats (Maharashtra)

Population Genetic Analyses of GlobalfilerTM Loci for Indian Population

Insect Faunal Succession on Buried Piece of Pork in the State of Punjab (India): A Preliminary Study

Changes in Yield of Contact DNA over Time after a Physical Assault

Comparison of Rugae Pattern between Dentulous and Edentulous Population of Rajasthan State

Medico-Legal Death Investigation Systems in the Pacific and Creating a Stronger Pacific Disaster Victim Identification Network

Forensic Dentistry: An Overview of the Human Identification’s Techniques of this Dental Specialty

Forensic and Pharmacognostic Study of Aristolochia ringens Stem

Evaluation of Soft Tissue Landmarks Using Holdaway Analysis among Southern Rajasthan Population in Various Skeletal Malocculsions

The Applicability of Autosomal Short Tandem Repeats Genotyping for Minor Contributor DNA Profiling from Mixed Saliva Samples

Genetic Risk Assessment of Periodontal Disease in Healthy Patients

Pattern of Suicidal Methods Used in Minofiya, Gharbiya and Kafr Elshekh Governorates (2008-2012)

An Autopsy Case of Fatal Methemoglobinemia due to Ingestion of Sodium Nitrite

The Frequency of ABO Blood Group among Male Inmates in a Typical Nigerian Prison

Chemical Element Levels as a Methodological Tool in Forensic Science

Phenomenological Study of the Experiences of Emergency Department Nurses in the Referral for and/or Administration of a Lethality Tool in a Rural Hospital

The Explore of Third Molar for Chronological Age Estimation in Teenagers of Shanghai Han Population

Autosomal Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Variation Based on 15 Loci in a Population from the Central Region (Riyadh Province) of Saudi Arabia

Determination of Drugs and Metabolites in Raw Wastewater Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Estimating the Time after Death on the Basis of Corneal Opacity

Pain in My Head, or was It?

Two Autopsy Cases of Water Intoxication

Rugoscopy: A Diagnostic Appurtenance for Malocclusion or just a Forensic Aid? - A Pilot Study

Direct and Indirect Forensic Age Estimation Methods for Deciduous Teeth

Analysis and Detection of Precursor Chemicals Used in Preparation of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances - A Forensic Perspective

Police Psychologists as Expert Witnesses in Appeal Hearings: Testimony for Disqualified Applicants and Fitness-for-Duty Forensic Psychological Evaluations

The Contribution of Forensic Psycodiagnostic in Legal Medical Evaluations Regarding the Amendment of Sex Assignment: The Rorschach Test

Teeth in Fire - Morphologic and Radiographic Alterations: An In Vitro Study

Novel Concepts for the Application of Rapid DNA Technology as a Sentinel Event Prophylactic in the Criminal Justice System

Forensic Research and Japanese Brain Bank: Legal Problems

The Epochal Medico-Legal Dictum of Tait in 1883

A Case Study of Decapitated 38 Years Old Male Corpse from Punjab (India): Image Article

Cheiloscopy: A Frequency Based Approach for IV Quadrant in Female Lip Print

Discussing a Forensic Dental Examination of 1861 – A Scientific and Historic Overview

A Developmental Overview of Voice as a Steadfast Identification Technique

Reunification by Y-Chromosome Lineage Analysis of an Ashkenazi Jewish Family with a Rare Surname who were Spatially and Temporally Separated

Need for Newer Techniques for Personal Identification

Injuries of Non-Lethal Child Physical Abuse to the Crania and Orofacial Regions: A Scientific Review

Visualisation of Latent Fingerprint on Wild Bird Eggshells by Alternate Light Sources Following Superglue Fuming

The Forensic Artist

Generating Human DNA Profile(s) from Cell Phones for Forensic Investigation

A Broken Luminarc Kitchen Bowl

The Rising Cost of Digital Evidence and its Hidden Fees

Longitudinal (Electric/Scalar) Waves

Issues in Acquiring Digital Evidence from Cloud

A Typical Kronlein Shot? A Rare Case of Submental-Facio-Cranial Bullet Trajectory with Brain Exenteration

Rare Case of Choking Death by Dispersible Tablet: A Case Report

Determination of Sequence of Strokes Using Docubox Dragon

Prediction of Stature from Somatometry of the Left Hand in Igbos, Nigeria

Detection of Semen Stains in Rape Cases by a Very High Powered UV-VIS Light Source, Facilitated Conviction of Accused Person

Importance of ABO Blood Grouping in the Era of DNA Analysis - A Case solved by ABO Blood Grouping Method

The Emergence of Community Policing in Karnataka: An Analysis

A Study to Ascertain and Differentiate between Genuine and Transplanted Documents/Signatures

Detecting Cyclostationarity in Re-Captured LCD Screens

Stature Estimation of the Igbos Using Cephalo-Facial Anthropometry

Generating Rapid DNA Profiles from Crime Scene Samples Commonly Encountered in the United Arab Emirates

Forensic Images: Mascagnis Plate of the Internal Mammary Lymph Nodes

Apollo 20 on the Moon

Crucification of Armenian Genocide

Microbial Forensic Analysis of Bacterial Fingerprint by Sequence Comparison of 16S rRNA Gene

Genetic Analysis of Ten Gonosomal STR Loci in an Italian Population Using the Elucigene QSTR-XY Amplification Kit

Facial Soft Tissue Thickness in Forensic Facial Reconstruction: Is it enough if Norms Set?

Determination of Sex from the Latent Palm Prints Present on Documents

LC-MS/MS Analysis of MDMA in Ecstasy Tablets in Morocco

Enamel Shade: A Bright Future in Age Estimation

Positive Identification of Skeletal Remains Combining Smile Photographs and Forensic Anthropology A Case Report

Relationship between Ancestry Inferred By Molecular Analysis, Self-Report and Hetero-Classification

Case Study: COPD, CHF, Elder Abuse

Demon chip - Polarised biometrics based on DSP and RFID

Environmental Policy Regulation and Law - Biodiversity in Healthcare

Mandibular Ramus and Gonial Angle Measurements as Predictors of Sex and Age in an Egyptian Population Sample: A Digital Panoramic Study

Use of Pornography with Sex Offenders in Treatment: A Controversial Conundrum

On the Concentration Dependence of the Surface Tension of Liquid Metallic Alloys Theoretical Basis

Sacred Geometry

The Current State of Forensics: A Newbies Perspective

Social, Ethical and Moral Research about our Society and Culture!

Trace Evidence Analysis in a Child Sexual Abuse Case - Silence Dares to Speak

Applicability of Willems Method of Dental Age Assessment in 14 Years Threshold Children in South India - A Pilot Study

Detection of Non-Permitted Food Colors in Edibles

A Case Study on Comparison of Male and Female Vowel Formants by Native Speakers of Gujarati

Reality Bites – Demystifying Crime

Unknowingly Accident of Fire: An Expensive Omission

A Comparative Study of Some Morphological and Microscopic Identifying Features of Genuine Rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) Horns and Fake Horns

Molecular Identification of Forensically Important Indian Species of Flesh Flies (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) by Using COI Gene of Mitochondrial DNA

Control of Internationally Traded Timber - The Role of Macroscopic and Microscopic Wood Identification against Illegal Logging

White Cell Serology: An Asset for Selective Blood-DNA Extraction from Mixed Stains for STR Analysis

Incus Morphometry: A Possible Tool in Sex Determination

Secular Changes on Stature Reconstruction from Hand and Foot Dimensions among Sikhs of Delhi

Forensic Importance of SIM Cards as a Digital Evidence

Genetic Identification of Necrophagous Insect Species (Diptera) of Forensic Importance Sampled from Swine Carcasses in Mato Grosso, Midwestern Brazil

Impact of the GSM and CDMA Mobile Phone Networks on the Strength of Speech Evidence in Forensic Voice Comparison

Diagnosing Lymphocytic Myocarditis in Adult Autopsies Combining the Dallas Criteria with Immunohistochemical Stainings

Forensic Examination of Cyber Crime in Special Reference of Social Networking Sites

Effect of Disguise on Fundamental Frequency of Voice

Alcohol Influence in Violent Deaths

Forensic Discrimination Potential of Video Spectral Comparator and Micro Spectrophotometer in Analyzing Question Document and Fraud Cases in India

Ten-Year-Old Mummified Corpse Found in Domestic Setting in Rotterdam the Netherlands

Curtailing Human-Leopard Conflict Using Wildlife Forensics: A Case Study from Himachal Pradesh, India

Child Sexual Abuse in Fayoum Governorate, Egypt (2010-2014)

Personal Identification using Cheiloscopy in South India

Predicting Physical Features and Diseases by DNA Analysis: Current Advances and Future Challenges

The Usage of Polygraph Method in Bulgaria

Peculiar and Unusual Drowning in Waste Oil from Motor Vehicles: Case Report

The Determination of Signs of Accelerated Ageing of Records made with Ballpoint Pen Inks by Using Chromatography Methods

Auditory and Acoustic Features from Clue-Words Sets for Forensic Speaker Identification and its Correlation with Probability Scales

Comparison of Statistical Models for the Estimation of Age at Death Using Subjective Adult Human Dental Indicators

Screening of Alleged Medical Malpractice in Egypt (Fayoum Governorate)

Contact Lens Burial Simulation Study

Analysis of Fraudulent Photographs Submitted to Federal Court and the United States Congress

A Quick Determination Method of Reloaded Pistol Cases by Observational Studies: A Precaution for Forensic Crime Scene Investigation

Limit to Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy in Right and Left Ventricles: Possible Precursors of Systolic Heart Failure

Editor's Note: Journal of Forensic Research (Volume 7 Issue 3)

Importance of Forensic Investigation in Explosion: A Case study

Use of Occupational Knowledge to Commit Suicide

Death by Facial and Skull Injuries of a Motorcyclist Wearing a Full-Face Helmet: Case Report and Literature Review

Case Study: 3D Application of the Anatomical Method of Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Use of Squid as an Alternative to Human Skin for Studying the Development of Hit Marks on Clothes

Sexual Addiction or Rape

A Comparison of Adhesive Tape-Separation Methods from Surfaces; Dipping in Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Nitrogen Spray and an Adhesive Neutralizer Method

Interrelationships between Height and Selected Linear Body Dimensions and Estimation of Sex in Nepali-Speaking Adults from Naxalbari, Darjeeling

Trial by Fire: Comparing DNA Degradation in Blood versus Semen after Fire Exposure

The Features of the Interrelation between Inward Picture of the Disease and Autobiographical Memory among Offenders with Schizophrenia

HPLC Analysis of Hallucinogenic Mushroom Alkaloids (Psilocin and Psilocybin) Applying Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC)

Polymorphism of the Microsatellite DXS8377 in a Population of Northern Thai Males

Mesenchymal Paradigm: Implications in Morphogenesis

Beyond DVI: Future Identification, Research and Archiving

Extrapolation of Three Hourly Post-Mortem Interval using Some Vitreous Chemistry Parameters

Catching Liars: Why it can be so Hard

The Homicide of United States Marine Corps Colonel, James E. Sabow: A Forensic Analysis Submitted to the United States Congress

Postmortem Redistribution of Lidocaine after Epidural Anesthesia Accidental Death

Effect of Seasonal Temperature Variations on the Life Cycle Duration of Forensically Important Calliphorid Fly, Chrysomya saffranea (Bigot, 1877)

Black vs. White, Life vs. Death; Using Automatic vs. Controlled Processing as a Framework for Understanding Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

Pollen as a Forensic Tool in a Zone of Wetlands from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Self-reported Attributes of Police-chiefs Compared to Civil Leadership: Inner drive, Tolerance to stress and Enterprise

Sexual Addiction or Simply Cheating?

Corpus Delicti Exam on Cat (Felis catus) Victim of Firearms caused Wounds-Case Report

Forensic Analysis of Three Pets: Victims of Carbamate Intoxication

Pneumomediastinum and Cervical Soft Tissue Emphysema as an Important Vital Sign in Hanging: An Autopsy Based Prospective Study

Analogical Reasoning in Statutory Law

Collagen III (Reticulin) – A Location Marker of Pre-Sinusoid Arteriole Sphincters in the Villous System of Human Placenta

A Pioneer Case Study on Identification of Infant Rhinoceros Horn

Prediction of Biological Profile from Foot Dimensions: Could Body Weight and Arch Height Affect Accuracy?

Sex Determination in Egyptian Population from Scapula by Computed Tomography

Perception of Forensic Odontology and its Practice among the Local Dentists of an Institution

Orthodontic Forensic Science: The Unseen Part of our Profession

Studies on Time Duration of Life Stages of Chrysomya megacephala and Chrysomya rufifacies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) during Different Seasons

Evaluation of the SPERM TRACKER™ for Semen Stains Localization on Fabrics

The Evaluation of the Deaths Related to Hypothermy in Eskisehir between 1997 and 2016

A Retrospective Study of Neonaticides in Shanghai from 2007 to 2013

Perceptions of Traumatic Brain Injury among Public Defenders in the State of Minnesota

Cultivating the Next Generation of Forensic Scientists Through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Comparative Study of Blood Metal Levels in Post-Mortem and Living Population Samples from Dammam, KSA

Age and Sex Identification Using Multi-slice Computed Tomography of the Last Thoracic Vertebrae of an Egyptian Sample

Reconstruction of Crime Scene, a Forensic Technique used in Substantiating Alleged Homicide into Accidental Death: A Case Study

Suicidal Hanging in Eskisehir, Turkey: 25 Year Analysis

Morphognostic Analysis of Fetal Ilium for Sex Determination

Forensic Engineering helps in Accident Cases Analysis: A Review

Y Chromosome STR Typing: A Distinguishing Tool for Exclusion in a Casework of Sexual Assault

Assessment of DNA and mtDNA Degradation in Sperm Cells Collected by Laser Micro-dissection

The Importance of Having a Signature that is Difficult to Imitate or Forge

Deactivation Study of α-Amanitin Toxicity in Poisonous Amanita spp. Mushrooms by the Common Substances In Vitro

Decipherment of Latent Handwritten Impressions – A Case Study

Effect of Motherless Paternity Cases on the Interpretation of Parentage Investigations in a Population with Recurrent Inbreeding Practices

Sexual Arousal as a Function of Stimulus Mode: Implications for Phallometric Assessment

Behavioral Cybercriminals Differentiations between the Real World and the Virtual Space

Homicidal Women, Personality, Crime Dynamics and Modus Operandi

Effect of Psychoactive Drugs on Demographic Parameters of the Blow Fly Chrysomya albiceps (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

The Japanese Views of Death and Life and Human Remains

Epithelial Cells Transfer: An Experimental Study

Contribution of Forensic Odontology Face of the Shortcomings of DNA Identification: The Effect of the Dental Morphology

Classification of Weathered Kerosene and Diesel Fuel using Passive Headspace Concentration with Activated Charcoal Strip and Statistical Analysis Technique

Study of consanguinity of the population of northern Morocco

Does Time of Day Effect Insect Oviposition

Arthropod uses in Detecting Narcotic Abuse

Nutrient Composition and Selected Biochemical Effects of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius Leaf Extracts in Male Albino Rats

How to Submit Evidence for a Questioned Signature Case

Analysis of 30 INDEL Polymorphic Markers in the Panamanian Population: Gene Admixture Estimates, Population Structure and Forensic Parameters

Epidemiology of Non-Morbid Vertebro-Medullary Trauma Following Road Accidents in the Forensic Casuistry of Bihor County, Romania

Medical-legal and Social Premises Regarding the Individualization of Taking and Performing Medical Safety Measures Applicable to Both Psychiatric and Non-Psychiatric Patients

Mechanical Asphyxia with Ascaris lumbricoides - A Forensic Case Report

Unusual Puncture Marks on Poly Vinyl Tubing

A Case of Three Deltas in a Fingerprint

Implications of Targeted Next Generation Sequencing in Forensic Science

The Temporal Degradation of Illicit Contaminants in Latent Fingermarks Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging

Non-Destructive Chemical Method and Simple Methods for Determining the Sequence of Intersecting Color Ballpoint Pen Stroke and Color Laser Printed Marking

Bitcoin Investigations: Evolving Methodologies and Case Studies

Accuracy Determining Anthropometric Norms in Young Adults using Discriminant Functional Analysis

Detectability of Rare Earth Elements in Explosive Post Blast Residues by Neutron Activation Analysis for use as Identification Taggants

The Affecting Factors of Touch DNA

Effect of DNA Profile Size, Reference Population Database, and Parents Availability on Parentage Testing in Consanguineous and Endogamous Populations: The Lebanese Case

A Pilot Study in Latent Print Conflict Management

A Study on Footprint Dimensions Between Sports and Non-Sports Category in Mangaluru Students Population

Post-Mortem Infarction Diagnosis Using Molecular Techniques

Postmortem Injuries on Illegal Migrants' Cadavers at the Eastern Land Borders of the European Union-Greece

The Use of Three-Dimensional Injury Maps and The Effects of Different Visual Presentation Formats

Gender Identification Using Foot Dimensions: A Forensic Exploration

An Unusual Case of Postmortem Burning Following Suicide

Dental Maturity as a Predictor of Chronological Age

Age Estimation from Pulp/Tooth Area Ratio of Canines using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Image Analysis: Study of an Egyptian Sample

Salivary DNA Analysis: A Proof of Evidence

Superimposing Images of the Smile on Carbonised Remains for Human Identification Purposes

Novel Optimization of HMTD Traces Detection by HS-SPME-GC/MS and HS-SPME-GC/μECD

Bland-Altman Statistical Analysis and Mean Concentration Ratio for the Determination of Amphetamine-type Stimulants-related Drugs in Dried Blood Stain (DBS) Versus Whole Blood Sample (WBS) by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) Application to Forensic Toxicology Cases in Malaysia

The Less Known Anderson Method for Dental Age Estimation in Indian Scenario: A Pilot Study

A Comparative Study on Forensic Tissue Specimen Preserved in Formalin and Sodium Chloride

Three-Dimensional Crime Scene and Impression Reconstruction with Photogrammetry

Evaluating the Dusting Methods of Latent Print Processing on Small Caliber Cartridges and Cartridge Cases

A Preliminary Assessment of the Correlation of Drying Time and the Peripheral Rim Thickness of Perimeter Bloodstains

The Structural Complexities of Cannabis sativa L. and Profiling Techniques for Geographic Source Determination

Assessment of Age-related Adaptive Changes in Relative Transverse Dimensions of the Tibia and Fibula: A Preliminary Study towards a Different Approach for Age Prediction in Adults

Assessing Tissue Lysis with Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate for DNA Extraction from Frozen Animal Tissue

Validating Touch DNA Collection Techniques Using Cotton Swabs

An Outstanding Success Story of Genetic Relatedness Search that Helped Unravelling the Mystery Surrounding Decapitated Bodies found in a Cave at the Lebanese Syrian Border

Powder-Free DNA Extraction from Post-Mortem Teeth

Cybercrime on Transportation Airline

Assessment of the Inbreeding Effect on Y-STR Profiles in the Lebanese Population

Country Made Firearms Manufactured Using Simple Tools – A Brief Overview

Variations in Morphological Patterns of Lip Prints as Evidence in Racial and Sexual Discrimination

A Mixed DNA Profile Controversy

Editorial Note for Journal of Forensic Research for the previous success for the journal

Data Assessment and Forensic Medical Examination of “Sexual Integrity Crimes”

Fireworks: Requisite for Forensics Evolution from Conventional to Green Crackers in India - A Perspective

Rape and Strangulation of a Kid with Creeper Plant

Identification of GSR on the Shooters Hands Using Energy Dispersive Experiments

Editorial Note for Journal of Forensic Research

Forensic Anthropology- A Lead to a Speedy Identification of Disaster Victims

A Conceptual Study to Necrophilia- A Review

Synthesis and On-Field Testing of Novel Low-Cost Latent Fingerprint Development Powders

Problem of Imputability in Case of Post Splenctomy Stroke Following a Traffic Accident

The Language of Police Arrest in the Philippines

Multilingual Determinants as a Forensic tool in Identifying Persons of Interest in the Criminal Justice System in the Philippines

Comparison of Fore and Hind Foot of Artiodactyla Species of Animals for Forensic Importance

Homologous Relations in Muscle Forms as a Result of Phylogeny between Reptiles and Man: A Review

A Path of Sympathetic to the Forensic Science from the Sight of Forensic Anthropology

Exploring the Potential of Ridge Density as a Measure of Sex Identification

Inside A Tiny Bit - Criminological Distinguishing Proof Of Single Colored Hair Strand Now Conceivable

Most grown-ups passing on rashly of normal causes didn't look for clinical assistance, report uncovers

A breath test for narcotics

K9 Science: A More Secure Approach to Prepare Recognition Canines

Pink Teeth Phenomenon and Asphyxia: A Reassessment and Update

Morphometric Evaluation of Soft Palate Among Men and Women- A Digital Cephalometric Study

Assessment of Influence of Age, Sex and BMI on Facial Soft Tissue Thickness Measurements Among Kanpur Population

Test Finger Impression Test Can Perceive the People Who Have Taken or Dealt with Cocaine

Fireworks: Requisite for Forensics Evolution from Conventional to Green Crackers in India â?? A Perspective

A Review of Suicide Note Analysis Studies in India

Sexual Abuse: Investigation of Rape, Sodomy and Murder

A Lead to a Speedy Identification of Disaster Victims â?? Forensic Anthropology

A Reviewon Homologous Relations in Muscle Forms: Result of Phylogeny between Reptiles and Man

Criminological Distinguishing Proof of Single Colored Hair Follicular Strand is Now Conceivable

Report Uncovers the Most Grown-Ups Passing on Rashly of Normal Causes Didn't Look for Clinical Assistance.

Data Assessment and Forensic Medical Examination of â??Sexual Integrity Crimesâ?

Rape and Strangulation of Kid with Creeper Plant

ENPP1 and GHR Genes in Determination of Face Morphology Potential Importance in Forensic Science ENPP1 and GHR Genes and Facial Recognition

Forensic Anthropologyâ?? A Lead to a Speedy Identification of Disaster Victims

Synthesis Testing and On-Field of Novel Low-Cost Latent Fingerprint Development Powders

A Path of Sympathetic to Forensic Science from the Sight of Forensic Anthropology

Problem of Imputability in Case of Post Splenctomy Stroke Following Through Traffic Accident

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