Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering

ISSN: 2169-0022

Open Access

Zhitao Kang

Zhitao Kang

Zhitao Kang
Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA


Dr. Zhitao Kang is a research engineer in the Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Group at Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory.Adjunct Professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Kang was employed as a faculty member in Non-Equilibrium Materials Research Institute and then a lecturer in School of Materials Science and Engineering at CSU. In 2003 he started his Ph.D. study in School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech. After graduation in fall 2006 he continued to work as a postdoctoral fellow and soon was employed as a research engineer at GTRI.

Research Interest

His current research interest focuses on optic and electronic materials development, thin film growth and processing, photonic/optoelectronic devices fabrication. He developed a new X-ray phosphor, ZnTe:O, and worked on various other phosphor materials and luminescent nanoparticles for lighting, display, scintillating and biological applications. He has over 40 publications in journals and conference proceedings and holds a few patents.


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