Business and Economics Journal

ISSN: 2151-6219

Open Access

Sunil K. Sapra

Sunil K. Sapra

Sunil K. Sapra
Professor, Department of Economics and Statistics
California State University, Los Angeles


Professor Sunil K. Sapra earned his Ph.D in Economics from Columbia University,New York (1983). His Thesis title was "Three Essays in Dynamic Econometrics". He has certificate in Online Teaching, Harcourt Online University,2000

Research Interest

His areas of research are Econometrics (Theoretical and Applied) and Statistics. His work has focused on estimation and inference in limited dependent variable models, duration data models, generalized linear models, and nonlinear regression and simultaneous equation models. His current research deals with robust estimation (especially high-breakdown point estimation), semiparametric estimation of econometric models, resampling techniques, and the stochastic approach to transition data analysis.


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