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Skudiene Vida

Skudiene Vida

Skudiene Vida
Associate Professor
ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania


Professor Vida Škudiene, Head of General University Education Subject Group, is teaching graduate and bachelor courses in Relationship Marketing and Organizational Behavior at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan and ISM University of Management and Economics. Professor Vida studied at South Carolina University, USA; Latvia State University; Vytautas Magnus University and Kaunas Technological University, Lithuania. Professor worked ten years as economist in Radio plant, Kaunas. During the period of 1992-2002 professor worked at Vytautas Magnus University as lecturer and 2000-2008 she worked as a sales executive responsible for Lithuania at international company Macmillan Education, Oxford, UK. Prof. Vida Skudiene has presented her research at international conferences in France, Japan, Israel, US (Hawaii, Chicago), Greece, Croatia, France, Spain, Norway, Jamaica, Sweden, Italy (Boccioni), and published over 30 articles. In 2008 she won the best paper Award from the US Marketing Management Association. Prof. Vida Skudiene is a member of editorial advisory board of international journals: “Baltic Journal of Management”, “Business and Economics Journal” and “Pecvnia”. Prof. Vida Skudiene participates in the EU projects on Case Writing in HR Management, as an author, and Fostering Entrepreneurship in Higher Education, as a researcher. Main fields of interest are relationship marketing, organizational behavior, leadership and entrepreneurship. Professor Vida Škudien? has taught Relationship Marketing and Organizational behavior courses at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan, Advancia University, Paris, France; IPAM Instituto Portugues de Administracao de Marketing, Lisbon, Portugal; Stralsund University, Germany, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, etc. Received the Scholar Of The Year 2012 Award.

Research Interest

Relationship marketing
Organizational behavior


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