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Jeffrey E. Jarrett

Jeffrey E. Jarrett

Jeffrey E. Jarrett
Professor, Management Science and Finance
University of Rhode Island, United States


Jeffrey E. Jarrett is former Chairperson of the Department of Management Science and Professor of Management Science and Finance at the University of Rhode Island. He holds degrees from the University of Michigan and New York University where he studied with W. Edwards Deming, among others. He has published extensively in The Accounting Review, Decision Sciences, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Journal of Accounting Research,  Journal of Finance, Management Science, OMEGA:The International Journal of  Management  Science, Journal of Business Forecasting, Statistical Software Newsletter, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Atlantic Economic Journal, Review of Business and Economic Research , Statistics and  Computing,  Journal of Research  in Economics and International Finance,  Financial Engineering and  Japanese Markets, Economic and Financial Modelling, International Journal of Business and Economics, and the International Journal of Forecasting Journal of Applied Statistics, International Journal of Empirical Research, International Journal of Business and Economics, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Cummunications in Statistics, International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering and Applied Economics among others. Further, he presented many research and summary papers at international and national conferences.

Research Interest

His research interests includes Business Administration, Financial Economics, Finance Risk Management, Quality Management, Behaviourial Economics, Financial Economics, Philosophy


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