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Don Sexton

Don Sexton

Don Sexton
Professor, Center for International Business Education and Research
Columbia University, New York


Don Sexton, Professor of Marketing and Decisions, Risk, and Operations, and Academic Director, Center for International Business Education and Research, Columbia University. PhD. and MBA, University of Chicago. Professor Sexton has been teaching for more than forty years at Columbia and is a recipient of the Business Schools Distinguished Teaching Award. Don has taught at several institutions including the University of California-Berkeley, INSEAD, and the China Europe International Business School. His numerous articles have appeared in journals such as the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing Research, and Management Science. His best-selling books, Marketing 101 and Branding 101, have been translated into several languages including Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian. Don’s most recent book, Value Above Cost, explains how marketing determines financial performance and is available in Chinese. He received the 2011 Marketing Trends Award for his work on marketing and branding strategy and is President-Elect of the New York American Marketing Association.

Research Interest

His research area includes Business strategy, Estimation and evaluation of Return on Investment, Emerging economies, Marketing and branding, Pricing, Communications, Behavioral economics


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