Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering

ISSN: 2169-0022

Open Access

Amit Chaudhry

Amit Chaudhry

Amit Chaudhry
University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Punjab University, India


Amit Chaudhry has completed Microelectronics from Panjab University in the year 2010. His Dissertation Title: Modeling of Quantum Mechanical Effects in Nanometer Scale MOSFETs. He has been  Assistant Professor for Microelectronics from 2002–2009 University Centre of Instrumentation
and Microelectronics, Panjab University.He held Lecturer post  (Microelectronics) from 1999-2002 HPGCL. He has awarded Awarded Roll of honor in Indian National Mathematical Olympiad, 1993.Honors in B.E (Electronics and Electrical Communication),1998.

Research Interest

Nanoelectronics: Physics, Modeling and Simulation of Metal Oxide, Semiconductor Field, Effect Transistors.


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