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Valentyn Nastasenko

Department of Transport Technologies and Mechanical Engineering, Kherson State Maritime Academy, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine

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    On the Need for Correction of Newton′s Law of Universal Gravity within Classical Physics
    Author(s): Valentyn Nastasenko*

    Newton's law of universal gravitation was discovered by him, perhaps in 1679, and published in 1687 in his paper “Principia”. At the beginning, he simply established a correspondence between the gravitational force F and the masses m1 and m2 of 2 point objects located at a distance r between them: F ~ m1m2/r2. However, this dependence is not a strict physical law, since the numerical value of the gravitational force found from it is not its real value. Therefore, instead of similarity, a transition coefficient should be introduced. It was first determined experimentally by Cavendish in 1798. Further, this coefficient was presented as the gravitational constant G. However, Cavendish did not connect G with Newton's dependence, but used it only to calculate the Earth's mass M within the framew.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37421/2329-6542.2023.11.261

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