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Below are the list of articles published in Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology that have been cited by eminent researchers all around the world.

On the Opening of the Journal of Astrophysics and Aerospace Technology

Symmetry Already Broken, but Answer Still Elusive the Galactic 511 keV Emission

Editorial Article for Journal of Astrophysics and Aerospace Technology

High-Energy Radiation Dosimetry in the Space

Non-Perturbative Quantum Gravity in Five Dimensions

Emergent Gravity/Non-linear U (1) Gauge Theory Correspondence

Discovering the Total Contents of the Universe

On Neutrino in Deformed Relativity

On The Residual Effective Potential within Global One-Dimensional Quantum Gravity

Jets in Micro-Quasar SS 433: Analysis involving Acceleration

Exploring the High-altitude Nuclear Detonation and Magnetic Storms

Celestial Body-Earth

Solar Eclipses in the Outlook of the Slavs

The Source of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) Measured by Pioneer V

About Tsiganok Gravitation Theory (TGT)

The New Measurement of the Proton Radius, and the Impending Physics Revolution

LEO Spacecraft Charging and Discharging Induced by High Voltage Solar Arrays

Correlation between Lanczos Method and Exact Diagonalisation Method in the Study of Highly Correlated Electrons System

On Axionic Dark Matter, Gravitonic Dark Energy, and Multiverse Cosmology in the Light of Non-Linear Electrodynamics

GPS-Compatible Lorentz Transformation that Satisfies the Relativity Principle

Gods and Dimensions which are Related with our Question of how to Find Gods and where are they

No Dark Matter’ Prediction from Dynamic Universe Model Came True!

Nuclear Data for Dark Matter Astrophysics

Explaining Formation of Astronomical Jets Using Dynamic Universe Model

Distribution of Moons in the Solar System

Space-time Disintegration beyond Event Horizon and its Consequences

Modelling and Exhaust Nozzle Flow Simulations in a Scramjet

The Particle Universe

Power Regression as an Example of the Third Law of Hotels in Paris: Planets

The Relativistic Velocity Transformation and the Principle of Absolute Simultaneity

Existence and Nonexistence for Elliptic Equation with Cylindrical Potentials, Subcritical Exponent and Concave Term

Ancient Map of Universe and Modern Science

Uniformity of CMB in our Dynamic Universe

Criticism to Universal Big Bang

A Mathematical Model of the Maximum Rigidity Resulting from Diffusive Shock Acceleration

Existence and Stability of Triangular Points in the Relativistic R3bp When the Primaries are Triaxial Rigid Bodies and Sources of Radiation

Energy Dissipated by an Aster Accelerated in a Gravitational Field: Estimation of the Lifetime of a Planet or a Star Being Destroyed

A Revised Solar System

An Addition to the Classic Gravity Interstellar Interactions

The Western Pacific Biotwang: Experimental Evidence for Astrotheology - Cusack’s Universe

Atomic Model of the Solar System Putting into Evidence a Tenth Celestial Object Coupled To Pluto

Combined Effects of Radiation and Oblateness on the Existence and Stability of Equilibrium Points in the Perturbed Restricted Four-Body Problem

Flux Determination through Ultra High Energy Muons by Using Pair-Meter Technique

Dark Energy and Estimate of Cosmological Constant from String Theory

The Great Cosmic Sea of Reality the Dark Matter Fractal Field - A Conceptual Premise of the Structure and Functional Dynamics of Our Universe

New Source of the Red Shift of Highly-Excited Hydrogenic Spectral Lines in Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas

The Physics of Our Galaxy

Conic-Helical Motion in the Three-Body Problem: Star-Planet-Moon Systems and Relativistic Effects in Binary-Star-Planet Systems

Investigation of Ground Effect on 2D Airfoils Using Panel Method

Inflation Scheme Derived from Universal Wave Function Interpretation of String Theory

The Hydrodynamic Representation of the Klein-Gordon Equation with Self- Interacting Field

Meteorite Fall at Sadiya, India: A Raman Spectroscopic Classification

Constraining Modified Gravity Models Using the Thermal Sunyaev- Zeldovich Effect

Gravitation, Quantum Mechanics and the Least Action Electromagnetic Equilibrium States

Relativistic Gravitational Field and the Universe's Figure of a Hyperboloid of Revolution at the Fifth Dimension

Carbon Vapor and Carbon Plasma Infrared Emission

GOP Model: A Model For The Cosmos

Possibility of Refining the Gravitational Constant and Solving the Task of Integrating the Gravitational and Electromagnetic Fields

How the Matter is Created by Light? - The Basic Hypothesis

On Using Light Rays to Measure Speed, Time Dilation and Length Contraction of the Source of Propagation

The Effect of Flow Pattern on Combustion and Pollution Generation in a Jet Engine

Shell Model for Study Quadrupole Transition Rates in B2 in Some Neon Isotopes in sd-shell with Using Different Interactions

Improving the Security and Efficiency of Self Bag Drop Systems: Proposals Based on the Current State of the Technology and Aviation Accident Cases

Mathematical Link Between Gravity and Electromagnetism Through Dias' Equation

Interpreting Universe’s Secrets

Modulated Thermoacoustic Singularities on Lifted Premixed Flames

Asteroid Belt Creation

Various Types of Lightning Electric Field Signatures Observed in Kathmandu, Nepal

Editorial note for Journal of Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology

Past Conference Editorial: EuroScicon Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology

In Silico Approach: A Futuristic Way to Find Solutions for COVID 19

Development of poly (n-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) hydrogels containing nano-silver and laponite clay for modulation of neomycin

Pattern-Generating Fluorescent Molecular Probes for Chemical Biology

Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Mechanical and Degradation Properties of Bromobutyl Rubber Compounds

Electrochemical Studies of the Carbon Nanotubes Based Nanocomposite Materials

Induction of immunogenic cell death in tumor cells sensitized by curcumin and treated with photodynamic therapy mediated by aluminium-phthalocyanine chloride nanoemulsion

Manipulation of Bio-nanotechnology in Agri-Sector for Pest Control with Special Emphasis to Nematode Problems in Egypt

â??Multi Molecule Theoryâ? by Dynamic Universe Model explains Brownian Motion

3D-DGI method: How to read and compare of any â??noiseâ?/random fluctuations on the base of â??universalâ? platform?

Study of PBAT/PLA bio-based blends reinforced with chicken eggshell nanopowder compatibilized with ionizing radiation

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