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    Density of Physical Vacuum

    Yanbikov Vildan Shavkyatovich*

    Applying the wave model of gravity, the density is calculated the physical vacuum. An unusually high virtual density is obtained states of  physical vacuum. Following the wave model of gravity, protons A and B re-emit the gravitational energy of the cosmos into the surrounding space. Is represented (for convenience of calculations) a physical vacuum
    consisting of virtual protons, so that in at any given time, there are n protons in the elementary volume of the dV vacuum

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    Theory of Cause of Time

    K M Sanid

    Time is still an unknown fact to human, but we use time to define every motion and to describe objects. The time is connected with gravity, as the gravity increase the time starts to dilate in space and also we know that as the speed of an object increase the time starts to move slower. The light has the maximum speed in the space.

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