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Bugao Xu

Department of Merchandising and Digital Retailing, University of North Texas, Denton, China

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    Influence of Customer Experience on Customer Loyalty in Apparel B2C E-commerce
    Author(s): Wei Yin and Bugao Xu*

    Customer loyalty is one of the keys to establishing a sustainable business in apparel B2C e-commerce, and it is influenced tremendously by customer’s online shopping experience. In this paper, we conducted a survey on customer experience, alternative attractiveness, and customer loyalty, and created a model to analyze the associations among these attributes. Customer experience was measured from five dimensions: website, product, service, brand and emotion. In the analytical model, the dimensions of customer experience were taken as independent variables, customer loyalty as a dependent variable, and alternative attractiveness as a moderating variable. Correlation and regression analyses were performed to assess the impacts of customer experience and alternative attractiveness on customer loyalty. Based on the survey data of 250 validated questionnaires, it was found that custom.. Read More»

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