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Supriya Kar

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    Non-Perturbative Quantum Gravity in Five Dimensions
    Author(s): Supriya KarSupriya Kar

    We briefly discuss a non-perturbative theory of quantum gravity in five dimensions, beneath a geometric torsion construction, on a vacuum created pair of Dirichlet 3-brane/anti-brane by a two form. Interestingly, the four dimensional gravity effects may see to re-appear with a Big Bang from a gauge theoretic vacuum on a D4-brane in a ten dimensional type IIA superstring theory. Generically it is argued that a non-perturbative correction, sourced by a non-linear electric/magnetic charge, couples to a flat metric and incorporates quantum effects into various Einstein vacua. A geometric torsion may provoke thought to glimpse into the conjectured M-theory in eleven dimensions... Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6542.1000e106

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