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Luigi Antonio Pezone

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    Relativity and Technology in the New Hydroelectric Energy
    Author(s): Luigi Antonio PezoneLuigi Antonio Pezone

    With this article research, I refer especially to the fathers of the science in the era before the industrial era, used the only reasoning to find links between the laws of space, matter and nature. With industrialization were born the specializations and these ties have been lost the global reasoning of science. How modest designer, but above installer of systems, which has had the opportunity to range among the industrial, environmental and energy, I could not notice that there are huge gaps between a plant and another, even within the same systems, both in areas depurative, both in those energetic, both in management of hydraulic resources. The science of the past was universal while the modern that develops in laboratories has become partisan. The technology that did not exist was launched on the same street. He has made enormous progress and modern companies are super specialized.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7587.1000232

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