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Why can't you Get Pregnant? Causes of Infertility


Bayramova A

Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated periods in the life of most women. Many of them, planning a child, try to make conception come, as soon as possible. But sometimes there are serious problems with fertility. Percent of women aged 15-44 with impaired fecundity in the USA is 12.1%. Infertility in a married couple is usually diagnosed if pregnancy does not occur within a year of regular sexual activity without the use of contraception. To identify the causes of infertility, both partners should be examined, since problems can be in men, women, and even in both (combined infertility). If pregnancy has not occurred even once, then talk about primary infertility. Secondary infertility is diagnosed if a woman has already experienced a pregnancy earlier (whatever it ends). There is absolute infertility due to defects in the reproductive system (surgical removal of organs and glands or congenital mal development) and relative, the causes of which can be eliminated by the forces of modern medicine.


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