International Journal of Public Health and Safety

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Threats and Problems on Public Health: The Case of Zimbabwe's Harare CBD and the Inner-city


Dickson M

Harare used to be known as the sunshine city considering its cleanliness and middle class competence but out of a blue, the city’s busiest areas are now a big threat to the general public. This paper has been compiled to explore on the threats and problems on public health with focused lens on Harare’s central business district (CBD) and the inner-city. Poor management of the city by the council has led to rampant vending at unclean places which affects the hygiene of the products consumed by the public. The shortage of public toilets to ensure a healthy environment is another story to tell. Harare’s drainage systems within the CBD are failing to properly allow water drainage due to increased litter blocking the pipes increasing flash floods susceptibility. Consequently, the inner-city is filled with quite a lot of unhygienic food outlets which mostly capture the attention of low income earners such the comb venders and conductors. The influx of the so called traditional healers in the both the CBD and the innercity has also become a threat to the public as most of them are not licensed by responsible authorities which may cause health problems as a result. The public is susceptible to a number of diseases and infections in other terms life threatening risks from the tainted environment. Proper measures have to be taken to ensure that the public’s wellbeing health wise is free from environmental related threats and problems.



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