International Journal of Public Health and Safety

ISSN: 2736-6189

Open Access

Problems and Feasible Of Green Based Agriculture Products


Manida M* and Nedumaran G

Green based Agricultural development strategy for emergent nation needs to focus on increasing the productivity of the soil under cultivation, with lower costs, higher efficiency of products with small or no damage to both humans and the environment. This study attempts to get together different issues in the light of recent developments for organic farming problems and prospective in the state of Tamil Nadu. The prime essential is the advancement of a solid soil-plant-condition framework to diminish Land corruption and maltreatment of the information sources. Another methodology of advancing eco-accommodating cultivating is through the change of the present frameworks of cultivating in the zone of soil supplement rebuilding to empower the utilization of natural materials, named natural cultivating. Country's advancement is a powerful strategy, which is essentially stressed with the local domains. These join cultivating improvement, setting up of financial plan and social system, rational wages as moreover cottage and residence goals for the landless, town masterminding, general affluence, preparing and practical capability, and association, etc. The improvement of our homeland with a point of view to pick up the individual fulfilment of the general people is said to be regional improvement.


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