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Need for the Rational Use of Antibacterial in Paediatric Population


Farya Zafar

Necessary use of antibiotics helps to facilitate the treatment of numerous infectious diseases. With the expansion and the development of new antibiotics, the rising incidence of microbial resistance among pathogens is alarming. The efficacy of various effective antibiotics is questionable. We are continuously exposed with the challenge to provide useful regimen to our patients who do not further facilitate resistance. The purpose of this study was to evaluate common diseases, determining the ratio of conducting culture sensitivity tests and finding the correct consistency of antibiotics during the use by evaluating numerous parameters such as length of therapy, dose and frequency of dosing. We collected the data from various hospital settings of Karachi, Pakistan. Data was gathered from 90 paediatric residents during August to December, 2009. Results showed that acute gastro enteritis is the most common disease found among paediatric residents. Culture sensitivity test was not performed in majority of cases while inappropriateness related to the period of therapy and prescribed dose is mostly seen during the study as compared to frequency of dosing. It is essential that there should be a patterned guideline for the treatment of the common diseases that help the providers of health care team to treat different diseases and to suitably prescribed antibiotics.

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