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Modulation of Epigenetic Profiles in Traffic Workers Exposed to Car Fumes in Egypt


Shaat R, Abdel-Ghany SE, Nasr GM, Sabit H and El-Zawahry M

Air pollution is one of the most crucial public health concerns over the globe. Car fumes are major component of the pollution burden, and thought to modulate the methylation landscape of the exposed people. In the present investigation, 199 blood samples were collected from male traffic workers belonging to the Traffic Department, Ministry of Interior in Egypt. Global DNA methylation was quantified using real time PCR, and the obtained results indicated a hypermethylation in the outdoor group compared to the indoor group. Transforming growth factor (TGF-β) gene expression was assessed using real time PCR as an indicator for the transformation of cells from the normal to the malignant state. Data indicated that the outdoor group had an elevated level of TGF-β expression as normalized by β actin compared to the indoor group. Blood glucose was also reported an increased level in the outdoor compared to the indoor group. These data could be considered as a preliminary study to a larger one to underlie the risk of exposure to car fumes on traffic workers, especially the outdoor workers.


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