Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

ISSN: 2472-1212

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Medium Optimization for Bacteriocin Production and Bacterial Cell Growth of Geobacillus sp. 15 Strain


Kaunietis A, Pranckute R, Lastauskiene E, Citavicius DJ

In this study we determined that Geobacillus sp. 15 strain secretes antibacterial compound-bacteriocin. Only few bacteriocin producing thermophilic bacteria of this genus have been identified to the date. Also, we optimized medium composition for the better cell growth of this strain and increased the yield of secreted bacteriocin. In this work we showed that some particular salts or their combinations may have impact on higher growth of Geobacillus sp. 15 strain bacteria or their produced bacteriocins. These results can facilitate research on this strain and its secreted bacteriocin. These antibacterial proteins and peptides are promising natural agents as an alternative to antibiotics in medicine or veterinary and to traditional preservatives in food industry. Optimized composition of the growth medium can be very useful for studies of other Geobacillus spp. strains and their produced bacteriocins. Furthermore, these data may be used to increase the biomass of Geobacillus bacteria and the yield of protein when it is dependent on bacterial cell yield.


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