International Journal of Public Health and Safety

ISSN: 2736-6189

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Health Equity in the Cardiovascular Learning Healthcare System, Health Informatics and Digital Transformation


Muin Khoury*

Compared to Caucasians, African Americans experience greater rates of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and lower rates of specialty consultation and care. These differences also exist in the management of cardiovascular problems linked to chemotherapy. African Americans experience cardiotoxicity more frequently than Caucasians do, and they are underrepresented in research studies designed to avoid circulatory damage brought on by cancer therapy. An interdisciplinary and creative strategy will be needed to reduce racial and ethnic differences in cardiotoxicity prevention. If different types of digital transformation utilising health informatics are done properly and strategically in conjunction with minority populations, they have the potential to contribute to health equity. Examples of a learning healthcare system that can be used to develop, implement, and spread interventions to reduce.


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