Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies

ISSN: 2161-0673

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Evaluation of Body Sway in a Seated Posture after Alcohol Ingestion with an Aim to Evaluate Motion Sickness Caused by Three-Dimensional Images


Yasuyuki Matsuura, Masaki Amemori, Tomoki Shiomi, Takayuki Hirata and Hiroki Takada

A few studies have evaluated swaying motion of the body in the seated posture; however, these studies did not evaluate motion sickness caused by watching movies, traveling, etc. This study aimed to analyze stabilograms recorded while the individuals were seated. Stabilometry was performed on 7 healthy male subjects (age, 21–22 years) in the seated position 5 min before, and at 5-min intervals from 5 to 60 min after alcohol load. Alcohol caused a decrease in the cerebellar equilibrium function that controls the vestibulospinal reflex. We adjusted the degree of simulative effect on the human equilibrium function. The stabilograms of the test subjects were analyzed according to the area of sway, total locus length, and total locus length per unit area. We found that significant alcohol-induced changes in the sway values in the seated posture were similar to those in the upright posture.


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