International Journal of Public Health and Safety

ISSN: 2736-6189

Open Access

Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction from Homoeopathic Treatment in Gynecological Disorders


Puneet Chopra, Puneeta Ajmera, Sheetal Yadav, and Mahavir Singh

Homeopathy was discovered in the year 1790 by German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy is based on the principle of "Similia Similibus Currentur” which means ‘likes cures likes’. The process of preparation of homeopathic medicines is known as “Potentization”. There are many types of research and studies which prove the positive effects of homeopathic remedies in various chronic disorders including gynecological disorders such as fibroids, PCOD, Menstrual disorders, PMS, etc. Many gynecological disorders are treatable by homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy requires an active collaboration on the part of the patient as it has an intrinsic difficulty of long-term acceptance. The study was conducted as an observational and prospective study to check the Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction from Homoeopathic Treatment in Gynecological Disorders.110 samples in which females with age more than 13years who had gynecological disorders and undergoing homeopathic treatment for gynecological disorders were taken, a pretested and standardized questionnaire was used and samples were selected by non-probability convenient sampling method. Efficacy and patient satisfaction from homeopathic treatment in gynecological disorders was 68.8%. The overuse of contraceptive and hormonal pills is showing bad effects on patients' health and more often the hormonal treatment which shows carcinogenic effects. So, as to overcome and reduce all these side effects of modern medicine the alternative system of treatment "Homoeopathy" was tossed up. Homeopathy is a very beneficial and potent alternative to synthetic hormones. This research paper has the clinical findings of homeopathic appointments in the 3 clinics of the Faridabad area has found significant and hopeful spheres of future clinical research in the homeopathic field.


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