Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

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Draft Genome Sequence of Enterobacter hormaechei ST93, a Clinical Tigecycline Resistant Strain Harbouring blaNDM-1


Lia X, Sunb L, Zhua Y and Wang D

Objective: The emergence of Carbapenem-resistant E. cloacae complex has been a serious challenge to manage in the clinic because of multi-drug resistance. Tigecycline is regarded as one of the last-resort for Carbapenem-resistant E. cloacae complex infections. Here, we report the draft genome sequence of a tigecycline resistant NDM-1-producing E. hormaechei strain ETR1 that was isolated from a male in China.
Methods: Whole-genomic DNA of E. hormaechei strain ETR1 was extracted and was sequenced using an Illumina-HiseqTM X Ten platform. The generated sequence reads were assembled using CLC Genomics Workbench. The draft genome was annotated using Rapid Annotation using Subsystem Technology. Bioinformatics analysis was further performed.
Results: The 5,141,975 bp genome contains various antimicrobial resistance genes conferring resistance to beta-lactam, fosfomycin, fluoroquinolone and tetracycline. Notably, the strain was also resistant to carbapenem and tigecycline. In addition, virulence factor encoding genes were also identified.
Conclusion: The genome sequence will provide valuable information to understand antibiotic resistance mechanisms and pathogenic mechanisms in this strain. Close surveillance is urgently needed to monitor the spread of tigecycline resistant NDM-1-producing isolates.


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