Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Development

ISSN: 2376-0214

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Communicating Climate Change Using Community Radios


Indira Srinivasan Mannar

Climate change is one of the serious threats that the humanity is facing during the twenty first century and mass communication channels should go beyond their conventional roles of providing education, information and entertainment at a time when the humanity is confronting a serious challenge. Rising carbon emissions leading to global warming is resulting in unexpected changes in the climate and itis responsible for rising temperature, rise in sea levels, shrinking of river beds, and frequent outbursts of cyclones or postponement of rains. At a time when the mainstream public and private media are abscessed with the market driven messages or sensational political news, the role of community media, voicing the concerns of unheardis gaining significance. At a time when the majority living at grassroots are vulnerable to the phenomena called ‘climate change’, alternative, community level medium goes a long way in delivering climate change messages to the people at local levels.


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