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Chemical Characterization of Bio-oils from Cellulose, Hemicellulose and Lignin Pyrolysis


Martin Stas

Pyrolysis bio-oils are promising sustainable feedstock that can be utilized as biofuels and for the creation of significant oxygencontaining synthetic substances. An increasingly boundless utilization of bio-oils from a lignocellulosic biomass requires progressively itemized information on their organization. In this work, we arranged bio-oils by means of the pyrolysis of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin (for example principle building squares of lignocellulose). For the got bio-oils, we performed investigations of essential physical and synthetic properties and a thorough compound portrayal moreover. The outcomes got for these fundamentally less unpredictable bio-oils can be useful to comprehend the compound sythesis of entire bio-oils in more detail. Ongoing Publications 1. Sta?, M., Kubi?ka, D., Chudoba, J., and Posp?il, M.: Overview of Analytical Methods Used for Chemical Characterization of Pyrolysis Bio-oils. Vitality and Fuels 2014, 28, 385-402. 2. Sta?, M., Chudoba, J., Kubi?ka, D., and Posp?il, M.: Chemical Characterization of Pyrolysis Bio-oil: Application of Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry. Vitality and Fuels 2015, 29, 3233-3240. 3. Sta?, M., Chudoba, J., Auersvald, M., Kubi?ka, D., Conrad, S., Schulzke, T., and Posp?il, M.: Application of orbitrap mass spectrometry for investigation of model bio-oil mixes and quick pyrolysis bio-oils from various biomass sources. Diary of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 2017, 124, 230-238. 4. Stas??, M., Chudoba, J., Kubic??ka, D., Blaz??ek, J., and Pospi?s?? il, M.: Petroleomic Characterization of Pyrolysis Bio-oils: A Review. Vitality and Fuels 2017, 31, 10283-10299. 5. Kochetkova, D., Bla?ek, J., ?im?ek, P., Sta?, M., and Be??o, Z.: Influence of rapeseed oil hydrotreating on hydrogenation movement of CoMo impetus. Fuel Processing Technology 2016, 142, 319-325.

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