Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies

ISSN: 2161-0673

Open Access

Aggressive Massage Techniques can Accelerate Safe Return after Hamstrings Strain: A Case Study of a Professional Soccer Player


Konstantinos Fousekis, Konstantinos Mylonas and Venetia Charalampopoulou

Study Background: Hamstrings strains are very common in soccer players and their rehabilitation involves a demanding process which may be considerably time consuming depending on the severity of the injury. Traditional treatment for these injuries includes conservative forms of treatment such as gentle massage, passive stretching, electrotherapy and functional exercises during training. The aim of this case study was to evaluate the effectiveness of an aggressive rehabilitation program in the treatment of grade I hamstring strain in a professional athlete.

Methods: A 30 year old professional soccer player clinically diagnosed with grade I hamstrings’ strain underwent a 15 days aggressive rehabilitation program. This included aggressive massage techniques with cups, instruments and stripping techinques, cryostretching/cryokinetics exercises, core strengthening and supervised functional exercises in the field.

Results: The applied aggressive rehabilitation techniques reduced the conventional time of the athlete’s absence from sports participation by almost 50%. In addition, further relapses in the following period were prevented.

Conclusion: This case study provides some evidence that aggressive physiotherapy techniques can reduce the absence from sports participation after hamstrings strain. Implementation and testing of these techniques in large randomised control studies is necessary for securing firm conclusions regarding their effectiveness in muscle strain rehabilitation.


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