International Journal of Public Health and Safety

ISSN: 2736-6189

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Access and Utilization of Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram (JSSK) Services: Identifying Solutions to Barriers through Positive Deviance Model


Gullaiah Gari Suresh Reddy*, Mohammad Jawed Quereishi and Rajan R Patil

Due to pregnancy related complications 67000 women die every year in India. Approximately 13 lakhs infants die within one year of birth, in these 9 lakhs die within 4 weeks of born i.e., 2/3rd of the infant deaths, 75% die within first week (most of them are in first two days). To reduce these death rates government of India introduced a program called Janani Shishu Shuraksha Karyakram (JSSK). The main aim of this program to provide, free transportation to pregnant women, infants, sick neonates to access to public health care centres. With the launch of JSSN institutional deliveries increased significantly, still 25% pregnant women hesitate to access these services. In this research article, implementation JSSK services in Chhattisgarh state have been studied. Only 40% of the people in Chhattisgarh are utilizing JSSK services, this is very least utilization as compared to national utilization. In this paper, we described positive deviance model to develop access of JSSK services. In this model Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and In-depth Interview (IDI) were used to know about JSSK services. In this paper we proposed new methodologies and key changes that should do with immediate effect in JSSK services. The primary objectives of this paper are:

1. To identify best practices and evolve strategies to assure complete free services to all pregnant women and sick neonates accessing public health institute pocket expenditure

2. To identify and disseminate the best implementation practices of service providers in terms of the decision making, planning, effective communication, effective monitoring, incentives (financial and non-financial incentives) and grievance redressal.


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