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    Reduction of Mutual Coupling in Dual Patch Antenna by Defected Ground Structure

    Vivian Lazarus* and Sumit KR Sharma

    Defected ground structures are deliberate irregularities in the ground plane to intentionally modify antenna characteristics for emulating an aspect which is intended to modify certain parameter in order to improve antenna performance. In a dual patch antenna, it is desirable to reduce mutual coupling between radiating elements which in turn would ensure greater power transfer to radiation in desired direction as intended. Same has been achieved in this paper by employing I-shaped Defected ground structure in ground plane. This gave advantage of avoiding complex fabrication design of dual patch antenna without interference in other antenna parameters including bandwidth and frequency of operation while achieving 5.5 dB of suppression in mutual coupling.

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      Morris Ayodele Peacock*

      The research work focused on looking at an analysis of the potential risk and fraud involved in mobile money transactions in Sierra Leone with a focus on Orange and Africell mobile telecommunication companies. The implementation of mobile money service like any other financial service faces risks and challenges. This research addresses fraud as a challenge in the provision of mobile money service to customers in Sierra Leone. Portable cash utilization for exchanges is consistently developing across Africa with the possibility to change the money prevailing economy of this landmass to be credit only. With the expanded utilization of portable cash administrations and number of business use cases planned every day, it is basic to plan a comprehensive way to deal with versatile cash hazard, security that will decrease security openings and forestall misrepresentation, as some versatile cash specialist organizations have lost great many Leones to this developing danger. This examination, consequently, looks at the actions that versatile organization administrators giving portable cash administrations can utilize to forestall extortion. The concentrate additionally examines the portable cash clients' insight about the linkage between cell phone assurance and security of the versatile cash administration on their telephones. The examination was a contextual analysis of Orange and Africell versatile media transmission organization in Sierra Leone and utilized subjective and quantitative information gathered through surveys and organized meetings of key staff of the portable organization administrator (MNO), versatile cash supporters and specialists of these administrations. Some of the main findings of this research include the general perception that there is no direct linkage between mobile phone protection and mobile money risk/security. It was further identified that one of the major causes of consumer driven fraud is PIN sharing giving it to MNO agents. In addressing mobile money fraud, it is suggested that the service provider should give mobile money security tips to the users at least twice in a year through Short Message Service (SMS) to alert them of ways to enhance the security of their mobile phones.

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        Effects of Inertia and Acceleration Coefficients on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Selection in the Swarm of Satellites

        Tahir Rehman and Faizullah Khan

        PSO is getting some serious attention in recent era in optimization problem. It reduces the computational efforts and memory load. It is the artificial intelligence which is inspired by the social movement of elements in a group, for example birds flock or fish school etc. Optimization techniques are stochastic, deterministic, random and probabilistic. Stochastic technique is used where the information about the search space is not exactly known. Inertia weight is a major parameter which ominously effects the union, manipulation and exploration trade of in PSO technique. This article deals with the effect of the inertia and acceleration coefficients on the selection of a satellite that obeys the PSO algorithm.

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        Comparative Analyses of 5G Antennas

        Muhammad Anas*, Hifsa Rafiqul Islam and BA Hamida

        Fringe ideas about 5G might not be implemented, but the core ideas probably will be. This does not provide us with a complete specification of 5G yet, but it gives us the ability to Different researcher have used different antenna design based on adaptive technologies such as Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO), Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor foresee its core features. Antenna design depends upon the operating frequency and required bandwidth. The candidate for 5G spectrum are 28GHz, 38GHz and 60GHz many more. (CMOS), Adaptive Beam Forming, Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization (TLBO) algorithm, Butler Matrix Network.

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          A Design Language for Human-Centered AI

          Abhay Agarwal

          Standard Notation has built human-centered AI for some of the worlds leading companies and innovators. In this talk, we introduce ‘Lingua Franca’, our design language for human-centered AI. Lingua Franca is the culmination of Standard Notation’s work designing AI solutions for companies spanning industries, from finance to insurance, logistics, asset tracking, consumer apps, data science tools, and deep technology. Lingua Franca includes a step-by-step design process that can be adopted by any company seeking to transform their digital strategy around human-centered AI, through a set of tools and techniques that include problem definition, ideation, iterative design, data exploration, and ethics. We start by describing human-centered AI for those new to it. We then describe how AI technology has consistently failed to be human-centered, by placing other values above those of its users. We then outline Lingua Franca, and how to integrate its ideas into your organization or team in order to create technology that is more empathetic, ethical, interpretable, and ultimately more value-aligned with humans.

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            8th Global Meet on Wireless and Satellite Communications


            “Wireless and Satellite Communications will be held in Munich, Germanyduring May 21-22, 2021 Major attractions of this event would revolve around keynote presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations. This year we are focusing on the theme “Future of Communication in Today’s World”. The term “Wireless” is progressively utilized as an equivalent word for Additive Communication.The aim of this conference is to learn and share knowledge on Wireless Technologies. This Conference provides a forum for exchange of ideas and authoritative views by leading scientists as well as business leaders and investors in this exciting field. Outstandingkeynotespeakers and well known leading scientists and experts from around the globe will be expected to share their knowledge. We welcome papers describing advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques as well as general survey papers indicating future directions are also encouraged. The papers will be reviewed by the Technical Committee on the basis of originality, quality, and relevance to the conference themes. The conference program will include both oral and poster presentations. 

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              Data and Artificial Intelligence Strategy: A Conceptual Enterprise Big Data Cloud Architecture to Enable Market-Oriented Organisations

              Caio Moreno

              Market-Oriented companies are committed to understanding both the needs of their customers, and the capabilities and plans of their competitors through the processes of acquiring and evaluating market information in a systematic and anticipatory manner. On the other hand, most companies in the last years have defined that one of their main strategic objectives for the next years is to become a truly data-driven organisation in the current Big Data context. They are willing to invest heavily in Data and Artificial Intelligence Strategy and build enterprise data platforms that will enable this Market-Oriented vision. In this paper, it is presented an Artificial Intelligence Cloud Architecture capable to help global companies to move from the use of data from descriptive to prescriptive and leveraging existing cloud services to deliver true Market-Oriented in a much shorter time (compared with traditional approaches).

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