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A Design Language for Human-Centered AI


Abhay Agarwal

Standard Notation has built human-centered AI for some of the worlds leading companies and innovators. In this talk, we introduce ‘Lingua Franca’, our design language for human-centered AI. Lingua Franca is the culmination of Standard Notation’s work designing AI solutions for companies spanning industries, from finance to insurance, logistics, asset tracking, consumer apps, data science tools, and deep technology. Lingua Franca includes a step-by-step design process that can be adopted by any company seeking to transform their digital strategy around human-centered AI, through a set of tools and techniques that include problem definition, ideation, iterative design, data exploration, and ethics. We start by describing human-centered AI for those new to it. We then describe how AI technology has consistently failed to be human-centered, by placing other values above those of its users. We then outline Lingua Franca, and how to integrate its ideas into your organization or team in order to create technology that is more empathetic, ethical, interpretable, and ultimately more value-aligned with humans.


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