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Data and Artificial Intelligence Strategy: A Conceptual Enterprise Big Data Cloud Architecture to Enable Market-Oriented Organisations


Caio Moreno

Market-Oriented companies are committed to understanding both the needs of their customers, and the capabilities and plans of their competitors through the processes of acquiring and evaluating market information in a systematic and anticipatory manner. On the other hand, most companies in the last years have defined that one of their main strategic objectives for the next years is to become a truly data-driven organisation in the current Big Data context. They are willing to invest heavily in Data and Artificial Intelligence Strategy and build enterprise data platforms that will enable this Market-Oriented vision. In this paper, it is presented an Artificial Intelligence Cloud Architecture capable to help global companies to move from the use of data from descriptive to prescriptive and leveraging existing cloud services to deliver true Market-Oriented in a much shorter time (compared with traditional approaches).


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