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Medical Telecommunication Systems Today: What has been Done -What can be Done

Resource Optimization in Wireless Networks

Operations Research and Telecommunication Systems Management: A Successful Alliance

Network Architectures for Next Generation Internet Content Distribution

Impact of Total Quality Management and Service Quality in the Banking Sector

Challenge of SMEs Managers: Satisfaction with the Communication Media

Communication Media in SMEs: Measuring Adaptation Factor Using Mixed Method Paradigm

Protecting Cookie-Based Internet User Sessions

Green Wireless Communication

Telecommunication in Diagnostic Surgical Pathology: History-Present Stage-Expectations

Automatic Modulation Recognition in OFDM Systems using Cepstral Analysis and Support Vector Machines

Alternative Protocol Implementation for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes

Green Communications: RF Energy Harvesting using Transparent Rectenna Arrays

Front-end of Wake-Up-Word Speech Recognition System Design on FPGA

Evaluating the Iran Mobile Communication Operators by Analytical Network Process (ANP)

Federated Sensor Network Prospects and Challenges

Digital City Projects: Case Studies of Vinhedo and Pedreira, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Sensor Networks for Smart Environments

Managerial Accounting in the Telecommunications Sector

Cyber Security Research in Smart Grid

Telecommunication System Based on Fuzzy Graphs

Implementing Activity-Based Costing in the Telecommunications Sector: A Case Study

Noise and Telecommunications Systems

A Proposal for Advanced Flow based Charging in PCC Architecture

Requirements and Use Cases System for Virtualized Network Functions Platforms

A 5G Infrastructure for "Anything-as-a-Service"

Stochastic Analysis and Modeling of a Tree-Based Group Key Distribution Method in Tactical Wireless Networks

Total Quality Management: A Critical Component for Effective Delivery of Manufacturing Project

Smart City Concept, Applications and Services

Wearable Wireless Networks for Internet of Humans: Trends and Challenges

Developing Hierarchy of Strategic Crystal Elements in Telecom Service Provision Business

An Optimized Telecommunication System Topology for Expenditure Minimization and Improved Spectral Utilization Efficiency

Applying High Availability Design and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) in Safety Critical Wide Area Networks

Entropy and Telecommunications Systems

Basic Concepts in Telecommunications Systems

Performance Analysis of PAPR Reduction in 4×4 Spatially Multiplexed MIMO-OFDM System using SLM and Optimum-PTS Techniques

LTE Evolution towards Carrier Aggregation (LTE-advanced)

Location Determination of Dynamically Moving Mobile Nodes in Real Time

Improve Diversity with OFDM Technique in V-BLAST Architecture

An Economic Assessment of Nigerias Smart Phone Data Bundle Consumption, Subscriber Resource Constraints and Dynamics: The Case of Abuja and Lagos States

Secured RESTful Sensor Web Enablement Services for Wireless Sensor Networks

3G Wireless Network Optimization

IETF – MEF Token Bucket Comparison

Dynamical Model for Deriving 1-Min Rain Rate from Various Integration Times in a Tropical Region

Multipath Multimedia Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Using Cross Layer Framework for 802.11e Wireless Network

QoS LowPan for Internet of Things

Using the Organizational Diagram for the Study of Digital Cities Management

Strategical Approach for VoLTE Performance Improvement

Best Practices of Campaign Management for a Telcom Operator

Routing Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Improved Security Features

Performance of CHMA System Using Orthogonal Complementary Codes under Diversity Incorporated Fading Channels

Double Allocation of Spreading Code Minimizing SI and PAPR for LP-OFDM UWB System

Resolution and Brightness Enhancement of Images by Using Singular Value Decomposition

Learning Automata Based Channel Assignment with Power Control in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks

Services and a Distributed Ecosystem for Supporting Mobile Medical Application Development

BER Performance of OFDM System in Noise and Fading Channel for Modified SL0 Sparse Algorithm

Development of Cryptography-Based Secure Messaging System

Image Segmentation by Using Linear Spectral Clustering

Smart Cities - A Roadmap for Development

Impact of Information Technology on Management in Small and Medium Industries

The Metrological Assurance of the Colorimetry in Software and Hardware Environments

Design and Simulation of E-Slot Patch Antenna with Coaxial Feed for Multi Band Applications

Energy Efficiency Comparison of a State Based Adaptive Transmission Protocol with Fixed Power Transmission for Mobile Wireless Sensors

Land Use/Land Cover Characteristics in and Around Suryapet Town, Nalgonda District for Urban Planning

Electrical Engineering and Islamic Ethics

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Telecommunication Sector in India

Architecture for MPLS L3 VPN Deployment in Service Provider Network

Framework for a Flexible Comprehensive Multiple-Criteria Network Selection for Mobile Heterogeneous Networks

Impacts of Network Efficiency on Number of Customers - A GIS Perspective: Study of Telecom Industry in Karachi

Microwave Backhaul in 5G Networks

Performance and Improvement of Antenna Designs in Modern Wireless Communication System

Green Power Control in Hybrid Underlay/Overlay Cognitive Radio Networks

Securing Online Transaction Using Visual Cryptography

Backward Pumped Fiber Raman Amplifiers Gain Enhancement

Optimizing of Raman Gain and Bandwidth for Dual Pump Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifiers Based on Four-Wave Mixing

Applying Parallelism to Calculate the Number of Path-Sets and Cut-Sets of a Graph with Restricted Diameter Based on Construction-Destruction Methods

Anonymization of Group Membership Information Using t-Closeness and Cuckoo Filters

Going Green-Methods and Initiatives in Telecom Sector for Energy Management

Development of an Improved Hybrid Soft FFR – ABS Scheme to Mitigate Inter-Cell Interference in Heterogeneous Networks

Selecting Network Protocols for Internet of Things Based Upon Innovation and Knowledge Management

Safeguard of Railway Crossing Using IoT

Analysis of Efficient Beamforming and Power Optimization in Wireless Communication

Performance Evaluation of Space Time Trellis Coded MIMO for Mobile Communications

Fog Computing for Network Slicing in 5G Networks: An Overview

Describing the Importance and Methods of Emergency Communication in EMS Plan

A Dynamic Operational Model for Improving the Resilience of Wireless Networks against Jamming

Packet Microwave Layer 1 and Layer 2 Throughput in E-band for Mobile Broadband Communications

Interference and Resource Management Strategy for Handover in Femtocells

Interrogation of Elegant System for Regulating Vanet Traffic with Probable Path Planning

Building a MPLS Based Telecommunication Network

Evolution of Wireless Networks Technologies, History and Emerging Technology of 5G Wireless Network: A Review

Conceptual Model for Single-Lane Infrastructure-Less Tollgate System (Slits) Using IoT and GEO-Fencing

Design and Implementation of Dot Matrix Display System

A General Fluctuation Model for Nonlinear Dynamics, Bifurcation, Fractals, and Control Mechanisms

Performance Analysis of Array Multipliers Using Different Logic Configurations

MMSE Partially Connected Hybrid Beam Forming in MIMO-OFDM Systems

2020 Awards Announcement of 6th International Conference on Wireless, Telecommunication & IoT Conference September 28-29, 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

2020 Market Analysis: 6th International Conference on Wireless, Telecommunication & IoT September 28-29, 2020|Barcelona, Spain

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